OTL Seat Fillers in Los Angeles

There’s a New Kind of Seat Filling in Los Angeles

Seat Filling in Los Angeles

A MUST-READ for anyone who promotes shows, events, or activities in the LA area

by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides

OK, if you’re thinking “Who needs more seat filling in Los Angeles?”, you might discover that YOU do after reading this.

Yes, if you’re in Los Angeles, you know all about seat fillers and seat filling. Whether for award shows or TV audiences, seat-filling is an integral part of the entertainment business. However, there’s an awful lot going on throughout the LA area that has nothing to do with television, films, or handing out statues.

Are you a box office manager at a community theater?

Do you promote local fairs and festivals?

Is your comedy club doing well but not 100% packed to capacity for every performance?

How about sports marketing? Do you have a team that needs a little more love?

What about your movie theater? Is it possible that you do well on the weekend but struggle to bring people through the door on a Wednesday afternoon?

Do you have a venue with concerts that compete with the bigger names at arenas?

Maybe you’re a comic and have 10 comps for your shows and would love those seats filled?

Are you responsible for media or preview performances or matinees with open rows or sections?

>> Los Angeles area shows, events, activities… small, massive, or somewhere in between… This is for YOU!

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What's behind the new kind of LA Seat Filling?

How OTL seat filling works for local events

Benefits of inviting seat fillers

What shows and events are ideal for seat fillers?

How to get started

The New Kind of LA Seat Filling is Local Seat Filling from OTL Seat Fillers!

A new kind of seat filling is now in LA through OTL Seat Fillers

OTL is a family-run membership club that’s been filling seats in the US and London for nearly a decade. Even though there are a few similar services, OTL is the most expansive with 15 locations.

We’ve been flying under the radar simply because we can’t promote the names of our entertainment partners or shows we offer - but that’s even better for you!

With OTL, even a few extra audience members are a good thing, and no one knows you’re privately extending invitations and comp tickets to seat fillers.

How OTL Seat Filling Works

No long explanation is needed, as the process of partnering with OTL is super-easy. There are no tickets or money exchanges, and all it takes you is about five minutes of your time to provide the OTL team with a few details about the event.

1. Let OTL know how many seats you’d like to fill (aka free admissions to offer to members). This is typically anywhere from 4 to 50, but as LA local seat filling expands, that number can be higher.

2. OTL posts the opportunity in the private member area – including a write-up of the show, dress code, and ticket pick-up time on the day of the event.

3. A show alert goes out to members in the area.

4. Interested OTL members make reservations for up to 4 tickets (depending on their membership plan).

5. On the day of the event, the final reservation list is sent to you.

6. Members stop by the Will Call window (or wherever you designate) right before showtime to check in or pick up their comp tickets.

benefits of seat filling in Los Angeles

Benefits of OTL Seat Filling in Los Angeles

While the obvious benefit is a bigger audience, there are seat-filling benefits that you might not have realized:

a collage of comedy and theater for OTL Seat Fillers

What Types of LA-Area Shows and Events Are Ideal for Seat Filling?

OTL has been filling seats for nearly a decade, and the opportunities have been all over the place.

However, the two biggest types of events that OTL members attend are:

1. Theatre – plays and musicals

2. Comedy shows

Other Types of Seat-Filling Opportunities






Dinner Shows


Sporting Events



Immersive Experiences

Escape Rooms

Variety Shows



Dance Lessons


Day Cruises

The list goes on…

OTL can post any opportunity for seat fillers as long as it fits into one of two categories:

>>>> It’s a ticketed event that everyone else is paying for


>>>> a private invitation for an event closed to the public.

box office

How To Get Started with OTL Seat Filling in LA

The first time you extend an invitation to OTL seat fillers, it’s helpful to fill out the event submission form on OTLSeatFillers.com so OTL has all of the details needed.

Note: OTL will not post your initial opportunity without emailing you to confirm everything first.

After the first event, all you need to do is send a quick email to your OTL contact (usually Mark or Kalem) with the dates, times, and number of tickets you’d like to offer. No need to keep filling out the same form.

It’s quick and easy!


We’ve started using #bethevip, referring to seat fillers and their private invitations and free tickets. But it’s time for you and your venue to #bethevip, too! Showcase your incredible entertainment offerings to a full house!

Don’t you deserve it?