Filling Seats, Filling Pockets: The Benefits of Seat Filling for Event Promoters in Atlanta

Seat Filling in Atlanta

By Lu, OTL Seat Fillers

I’m about to fill you in on seat filling in Atlanta, which is quite different than award show seat filling. But award show producers are onto something, don’t you think? It looks, sounds, and feels better to have a full audience than a few people here and there with a bunch of empty space in between.

You might not be televising your new show, but does that really matter? 

You still want the same kind of electric atmosphere that comes from a full house. But every seat filled adds to the experience. That’s why I think you’ll be excited about seat filling in Atlanta.

A Partner of the Atlanta Arts and Entertainment Community

Right off the bat, let me just tell you that Atlanta seat filling is a 100% free service that’s always available to you through OTL Seat Fillers. OTL is a partner of the arts and entertainment community, and our job is to enhance your audience without negatively impacting your regular ticket sales.

What does that mean?

It means that there’s a reason why you don’t see long lists of venues and events on the homepage of  That massive list is stored in the private seat fillers-only area for members’ eyes only.

Additionally, it means that you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by partnering with OTL when you anticipate having some open spots.

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Benefits of Seat Filling in Atlanta

The ambiance is the most obvious benefit of a bigger audience. But you can also think of seat filling as a revenue generator.

>> Seat fillers buy food, beverages, and merchandise. They pay for parking, and sometimes bring additional guests (above and beyond their comp ticket allotment). 

>> Add seat fillers to your marketing list for future shows. You know they already love the types of shows you’re presenting!

How To Take Advantage of the Free Service

The win-win concept is straightforward and so is the process.

  • When you anticipate having some open spots (4-40 is average), let OTL know how many comps you’d like to offer.
  • OTL creates a private posting for members, including a write-up of the show, dress code, pick-up information, etc.
  • Interested seat fillers make an online reservation in the OTL member area.
  • OTL compiles the final reservation list and sends it to you about 6-8 hours before show time.
  • Seat Fillers stop by the box office, present their ID, and pick up their comp tickets directly from you.

>> No money is exchanged.

>> You maintain control of your tickets and where seat fillers are seated.

>> Seat fillers present their ID like anyone else at the Will Call window – so no one else knows they’re receiving free admission.

Win, win, win, win, win….

Get Started Anytime

When you’re ready to give it a go, fill out the event submission form. OTL will contact you to confirm details before posting anything for the first time. 



What types of shows and events can benefit from seat filling in Atlanta?

The sky’s the limit with the types of shows and events OTL has offered to seat fillers. While plays, musicals, and comedy shows are the most prevalent, seat fillers have attended sports, concerts, festivals, lectures, burlesque, opera, ballet, symphony, classes, expos, parties…

Are any shows off limits?

To take advantage of seat filling in Atlanta, there’s one primary requirement – the opportunity you’re offering to OTL seat fillers must have a value to it. That means, a ticket price that everyone else is paying (but seat fillers are admitted for free) or a private invitation to something that’s not open to the public.

What if I invite seat fillers and then experience a surge in ticket sales?

If you offer tickets and OTL members make reservations, those reservations must be honored. However, you can always start with a low number and then issue more tickets as it gets closer to the event date to make sure you’re covered – just in case.

How far in advance should I request seat filling from OTL in Atlanta?

OTL tends to fill more seats with advance notice. So, a week or so is optimal, but shoot for a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Some promoters have issued a few tickets several weeks ahead of time just to get the event posting in place and start a buzz amongst seat fillers. Then, as the show gets closer, they issue more, based on availability.