Dynamic performer singing with a microphone on the OTL Spotlight stage, silhouetted against a vibrant purple and blue background, surrounded by falling multicolored stars representing the dynamic arts scene on otlseatfillers.com
A vibrant showcase of performers on a lit stage, featuring a ballet dancer, a singer, a guitarist, and a host, with an excited audience in the foreground and 'FAN ZONE - all about entertainment!' headlining, part of OTL Spotlight.

A diverse group of performers standing under bright stage lights with a bold header 'AUDITIONS CENTRAL - find an audition * post an audition' as part of the OTL Spotlight homepage.
What is OTL Spotlight?

OTL is a way to embrace arts and entertainment and be more social without the social media. It's a spot where entertainers and promoters can show their stuff without the constant need for cranking out content. Our information updates every 15 minutes and includes theatre news, tickets going on sale, festivals, new music, and more! Artists can request featured spots, shows can offer discount tickets or proudly display their season schedules, and musicians can showcase their new songs... the skies the limit under the spotlight!

How can I find auditions on OTL Spotlight?

Auditions Central is your backstage key! Browse through a variety of categories – music, theatre, dance, and comedy – in both the US and the UK. Your next big break is just a click away! Have an audition to promote? You're in the right place, too!

Can I get feedback on my new act?

Absolutely! And, no meanies allowed! Creative Playground (coming soon!) is your safe space to share new material and gather constructive applause from a community that cheers for your success.

What can fans get excited about on OTL Spotlight?

Fan Zone is your front-row seat to the entertainment world! From local gigs to global tours, this is where you'll find the buzz on all things entertainment and snag your next ticket to thrill!