Welcome to OTL Seat Fillers Clubs and OTL-sponsored City Guides for Locals

OTL (On the List) Seat Filler members have been reserving free show tickets to theatre, music, comedy, and more since 2014.

Not only do members receive free tickets, but have been introduced to amazing shows and little hidden venue gems that they didn’t even realize were in their own backyard. So, we’ve decided to launch city guides that coincide with our membership locations.  

Guides for Locals

Whereas most guides cater to tourists coming into town, ours are more locally-focused. We’re striving to become an all-encompassing go-to site not only for seat filling, but for other things to do, dining options, discounts and deals, sports, community news, and much more.

If you’re interested in receiving the occasional community updates, then add your email to our private list. And, if you have an article, blog posting, discount, deal or other information to share with city guide users, then we’re looking forward to hearing from you!  

Seat Filling too!

Oh, and don’t forget that we have THE most fun clubs around. If you’re not a seat filler member yet, what are you waiting for?

– From the small family and friend group that provide OTL Seat Filler Clubs

What are OTL Seat Filler Membership Clubs?

OTL Seat Filler Membership Clubs are small city-specific clubs that don’t hold any meetings. They just provide fun things to do for you and your guest(s)!
Seat Fillers are invited to all kinds of community shows from theatre to comedy to music, and much more! For anyone looking for new things to do, it’s ideal.
In fact, if it’s any kind of ticketed event, OTL can offer it to its members. So, past events have also included dance, lectures, conferences and expos, sporting events, classes, burlesque, fundraisers, and other fun events – large and small.
Two-seat memberships are only 9.50 a month and members can attend as many shows as they’d like based on availability. Some months are busier than others. OTL members are typically invited to at least a few shows each month. But, sometimes, they even have their choices from a few different shows in the same week.


How Much Is The Membership Dues?

All OTL Seat Filler Membership Club Dues is all-inclusive. So, members never pay for any tickets – they’re all included.
Less than 10?
It’s true! Two-seat per show memberships are just 9.50 a month. You and your guest are both all set! As long as they’re available, you can reserve a pair of tickets to as many shows as you’d like.
If your circle of friends and family is bigger, no worries. OTL also has four-seat memberships available for only 14.50 a month.
And, as infomercials famously state… “That’s not all!” If you’re a senior (60+), teacher, student, military, police, fire, or rescue, your membership dues is even less!
Fun and unique things to do for you and your guest for just 9.50 a month?! You can’t beat that!

Why You’ll Have Lots Of Things To Do And Enjoy Being A Seat Filler

OTL Seat Filler Clubs are for people who love to go out to live shows and experience the best that their hometown has to offer. There are a lot of community theater shows, plays, musicals, and more. Comedy is also a mainstay as comedians LOVE to have a chock full audience. Occasionally, OTL offers a really big ticket show but, the club supports more local entertainment than anything else.
Here’s why YOU might enjoy being a part of the club:

1. You’ll never pay for anything other than your membership dues – all tickets are included.
2. You can bring a guest with you and his or her ticket is also included in your membership.
3. You’ll be introduced to all kinds of entertainment – maybe even some theatres or venues you’ve never visited before.
4. You decide how long you’d like to continue your membership. Also, your dues auto renews monthly or quarterly until you decide to cancel. Then, one click of a button and your payments are stopped.
5. You’ll have plenty of things to do. The entertainment is always different and it’s fun to see what pops up along the way!

Why Would Theaters Give Free Show Tickets To OTL Seat Filler Members?

If you’re new to the seat filler concept, it may almost seem too good to be true. After all, seat fillers are paying less than $10 a month (£10 in London) for free pairs of tickets. Some of OTL’s most active members have received thousands in ticket value each year.
So, why WOULD a theater or other venue give away free tickets to members?

1. Because it’s better to have a full audience than even a few empty seats.
2. Because OTL has a strict “privacy to shows” policy so we don’t publicly promote the names of our entertainment partners. That way, no regular ticket sales are ever impacted.
3. Because the more people in attendance, the more food, beverage, and merchandise they sell.
4. Because it’s fun to show off an awesome show to brand new patrons.
5. Because it’s quick, easy, free, and private.
6. Because OTL members have been known to return again as paying patrons. Some members have even ended up volunteering or working directly for the venue.
7. Because OTL members make great audience members! They really love shows!

How To Get Started As The Newest Seat Filler Member?

It’s easy!
Every OTL location has its own membership club site. So, you’ll head directly to the website in your city to register your new membership. For example, if you live in Atlanta, you’ll go to onthelistatlanta.com.
Click here to find the membership club in your hometown. You can select a three-month starter membership and it will auto convert to a discounted monthly rate. Or, if you’re just not sure it’s the club for you, select the 11.99 a month membership. All memberships auto renew but, remember, you can cancel at any time.

Seat Filler Gifts – What Could Be Better?!

Is your friend’s birthday coming up and you have no idea what to get? Maybe you forgot an occasion and need a gift, like in five minutes!
Wouldn’t it be better to give something that shows a lot of creativity than the same old generic gift card?
You can gift anywhere from one to six months of seat filler membership dues. While you’re paying normal membership pricing for your gift, your recipient has access to hundreds in ticket value through the all inclusive dues that you paid.
Unique and fun! You can click here to shop the collection of OTL Seat Filler Gifts issued instantly.