An Entertaining Free Tickets Club - Now in its 7th Year

OTL Seat Fillers Receive Free Pairs of Tickets!

When shows and events have open seats or activities that aren't sold out, OTL Seat Fillers are privately invited.


Shhh... don't tell anyone!

Modern Seat Filling

Seat Filling isn't just for awards shows anymore

OTL Preferred

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • South Florida
  • Tampa Bay

OTL Preferred

OTL Preferred is a city-specific Seat Fillers membership. OTL has more established entertainment partners in Preferred cities than anywhere else.


Atlanta     *     Austin     *     Boston

Chicago     *     Denver

Orlando     *     San Francisco     *     Seattle

South Florida     *     Tampa Bay


Preferred Seat Fillers pay $13.99 monthly for a Premium month-to-month membership (two tickets per event).


Other 2 and 4-ticket options available.

OTL On Call

All other US locations - with just a few notable exceptions

OTL On-Call


OTL Seat Fillers On-Call is a lower-priced membership for US residents who don't live in Preferred cities (with a few exceptions noted below). There will be fewer local opportunities, but On-Call Seat Fillers can take advantage of virtual events, national opportunities as well as tickets in other cities.


OTL will monitor On-Call member locations and specifically seek out new entertainment partners in those areas.



Some of the best OTL On-Call cities to date (meaning a limited number of established event partners)


Charlotte     *     Jacksonville     *     Nashville

Portland     *     Raleigh     *     St. Louis



On-Call Seat Fillers pay $3.65 monthly.

A 4-ticket option is also available.



On-Call Exceptions and Recommendations



  • SeatStir - Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC


OTL London

A special OTL Seat Fillers membership for London (UK) residents

OTL London

For more than seven years, OTL (aka On the List) has established wonderful community entertainment partnerships in London.


Venues are spread throughout the city and are not typically West End shows (although you never know what will pop up in the future!).


London Seat Fillers have attended comedy, burlesque, sporting events, plays, musicals, and more.


London Seat Fillers pay £3.65 monthly.


A 4-ticket option is also available.

Read all about it!

A Win-Win!

OTL (aka On the List) supports the Arts and Entertainment communities in the US and London


OTL for Seat Fillers

OTL introduces members to all kinds of fun shows, events, and opportunities. Seat Fillers get to treat guests and get out of the house more without the worry of individual ticket prices. But more than anything, it's just fun to see what pops up!


OTL for Promoters

Event promoters and marketing specialists have a free and private way to fill seats or attract new patrons. Plus - OTL isn't limited to traditional shows! Virtual events, fairs and festivals, conferences, movies, golf, classes, anything goes!

Free Tickets!

Here's How it Works with OTL Seat Fillers


Private Invitations

When a show, event, or activity promoter has unsold seats or opportunities to share, OTL privately posts the information for Seat Fillers.



OTL Seat Fillers make online reservations in the private members-only area - guest(s) included!


Pick Up

OTL provides the reservation list to the venue for ticket distribution. Seat Fillers pick them up at the box office right before the event - just like everyone else. The one difference?

OTL Seat Fillers receive FREE tickets!

You Never Know What Will Pop Up for OTL Seat Fillers!

OTL Seat Fillers are Privately Invited to All Kinds of Shows, Events, and Activities

Over the years, OTL Seat Fillers have had their share of entertainment...





Variety Shows

Escape Rooms

Comedy Shows


Conferences & Expos


Dinner Shows

Day Cruises

Sporting Events

Book Signings

TV Filmings

Virtual Events


Private Parties


What People Say

OTL Seat Fillers does its best to be a win-win concept for both event (or activity) promoters and seat filler members.


Whether you want to join to scoop up free tix from time to time or to be introduced to new and fun things to do, we think you'll be a fan!

My husband and I recently attended a Musical event & absolutely enjoyed ourselves.  We were unfamiliar with both the Venue & the Performers, but are now Loyal Fans of both.


Thanks for having such a great service!  I have experienced so many cool events and none of which I would have thought to go to without my membership.  You have successfully removed me from my seat at home and placed me in a considerably more entertaining seat!  And for that I thank you!


OTL has catered to our needs and we are grateful for their friendly service.  In addition, working with OTL has been really easy, discrete and has helped to bring revenue to our venue. 


Ready? Pick a Membership!

There's only a one-month commitment. You can cancel your OTL Seat Fillers membership any time. We don't think you'll want to, though!

OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers, OTL Seat Fillers

OTL Seat Fillers is a fun free tickets club - a family and friend-run project intended as a win-win for everyone! Promoters and venues privately fill some seats through the unique and free concept. Seat Fillers streeeeeetch their entertainment budget, treat friends, and experience entertainment they might never before considered (or didn't know about!).


What are Seat Fillers?