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Free Pairs of Tickets for Seat Fillers * Seats Filled for Local Shows, Events & Activities

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an entertaining free tickets club in the u.s. & U.K. - now in its 9th year!

OTL Seat Fillers - Local Seat Filling

OTL Seat Fillers is a membership club for everyone who loves to attend events without breaking the bank. With two or four-seat all-inclusive plans, members can enjoy shows and activities like theatre, comedy acts, sports, and music through private invitations and free tickets provided by local entertainment partners.

AACT, American Association of Community Theatre

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Not everyone loves being a local or community seat filler like our awesome members. Before you join, see what your answers reveal.

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Benefits of OTL Seat Fillers

OTL Seat Fillers:

  • Pay all-inclusive membership dues between 3.65 and 15.99, depending on location and the choice of a 2 or 4-seat plan
  • Never pay for tickets - dues cover everything
  • Attend plays and musicals more than anything, but also comedy, music, sports, and more
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Have fun seeing what pops up out of the blue!

Note: Shows won't always be posted. However, two tickets to just one show could more than offset 6 or even 12 months of dues.

Get Started

Here's How It Works

1. You'll register, setting up a username and password for the private members-only area

2. When a show pops up that you want to attend, make a reservation in the member area

3. Pick up your complimentary tickets at the Box Office right before the show

4. You and your guest(s) are seated together

5. Repeat for other shows you want to attend (but please understand that, as a seat fillers club, events won't always be available)

"Thanks for having such a great service!  I have experienced so many cool events and none of which I would have thought to go to without my membership.  You have successfully removed me from my seat at home and placed me in a considerably more entertaining seat! "

– E.R., OTL Seat Filler

Pick a Location to Get Started

"My wife and I love being seat fillers. We get out of the house so much more, and it's so cool to be able to reserve free tickets to such great shows that we might not have attended without OTL."

– C.R., OTL Seat Filler

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Is OTL Seat Fillers and Local Seat Filling?

OTL is a seat-fillers club and not a ticket broker. Members pay very low monthly dues for the opportunity to reserve free pairs of tickets to shows and events, like plays, musicals, comedy shows, etc. It’s a club for people who love live entertainment but aren’t looking to shop for just one night. That's because part of the fun is the anticipation of something new out of the blue and knowing you can attend without paying for tickets that might be $25, $50, or even more.

Is OTL Seat Fillers (Local Seat Filling) Where I Live?

OTL Seat Fillers has a handful of preferred US locations, which are the busiest. Preferred cities are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, South Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale), and Tampa Bay.

The rest of the US is covered by OTL On-Call, which allows everyone to participate. On-Call cities might not have any events at first, but members can attend virtual opportunities or shows in other cities. However, as interest grows, the club will focus on creating new partnerships in those areas. Additionally, OTL Seat Fillers are in London with fringe theatre seat filling, aka "non-west end" shows.

How Much Does It Cost To Be a Local Seat Filler?

Local seat fillers don't pay anything for tickets. They're always on the comp list through low monthly membership dues. OTL Preferred members (in the 10 busiest cities) pay an average of $11.99 monthly for two seats per show. There's also a four-seat membership and a discounted plan for seniors, military, first responders, and teachers.

OTL On-Call is just $3.65 a month, and OTL in London is £3.65. Membership dues cover all tickets - seat fillers don't pay for anything beyond their dues and can cancel at any time.

What Kinds of Shows and Events Do Local Seat Fillers Attend?

While OTL Seat Fillers has more theatre partners providing tickets to plays and musicals than anything else, opportunities are all across the board. Over the years, local seat fillers have attended comedy shows, smaller concerts, sports, dance, opera, symphony, burlesque, classes, lectures, escape rooms, conferences, and more. Part of the fun of OTL and local seat-filling is participants never know what could pop up at any time.

How Do Event Promoters Request Local Seat Fillers?

Community seat filling is a free service offered to OTL's event partners. It's a private and easy way to fill seats and introduce new patrons to shows and events. OTL has an event promoter page and online submission form to make things easy. But regular partners just shoot OTL an email when they have tickets to offer - no forms needed.

Why Would Venues Give Free Tickets to Local Seat Fillers (aka OTL Seat Fillers)?

There are different reasons why venues and organizations partner with OTL Seat Fillers, offering free admission. Some need seats filled and appreciate the additional food and beverage income that comes with a larger audience. Comedy clubs are ideal partners, as larger crowds are better for everyone. Festivals might have endless space and appreciate the opportunity to showcase their event to new patrons.

But one of the top reasons the OTL concept works is a little policy called “privacy to shows.” OTL doesn’t publicize the names of its entertainment partners so that their regular ticket sales aren’t impacted. It’s free partnership marketing and a win-win for everyone!

How Are Seat Filler Tickets Distributed?

This is a question for both seat fillers and OTL partners, and the answer is simple - venues distribute their own tickets. Seat fillers make online reservations, and OTL sends the will-call list to the venue on the afternoon of the performance. Members pick their tickets up at the box office (or other designated locations) just before showtime.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About OTL Seat Fillers and Local Seat Filling?

Yes. OTL is family-run and likes to keep everything positive and upbeat. After all, entertainment is an escape from our to-dos and must-dos. So, we want to make sure that all new members fully understand that OTL is a seat fillers club and not a ticket broker. There will be times when no shows or events are available in a given city. But part of the fun is seeing what pops up out of the blue and having plans without worrying about ticket costs.