Finally! A "How to Fill a Seat" Solution That Works

(No Cloning Required)

Actually, How About Filling a Few Seats (or 10? 20? 30?)

by Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

Are you looking for a bigger audience or new patrons? Wouldn't an easy solution to fill a few spots be extremely helpful?

Would you like to try new marketing that's proven effective and doesn't cost you anything?

Then it's time to partner with OTL Seat Fillers!

About Local Seat Filling Through OTL Seat Fillers

Local Seat Fillers for Community Events

You don't need to be handing out awards to benefit from seat filling... Community Theatres need seats filled too!

So do... Comedy Clubs Music Venues Sports Arenas Classes Movies AND you don't even need chairs! Festivals Yoga Gyms Bowling Escape Rooms Spas Virtual Events etc.

Comp Tickets and New Patrons

On the List... OTL... is a membership club for LOCAL seat filling - now in its 8th year! Local Seat Fillers receive free pairs of tickets (or admission) to area shows, events, and activities.

And, those tickets or opportunities are courtesy of first-rate partners like YOU who provide comp tickets and private invitations in exchange for seats filled or new patrons.

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A Few Event Promoter-Event Marketing Questions

Do you have a row in your theatre you'd like to fill?

Maybe you've got a class, festival, or comedy club that could use a few more people?

How about matinee movies that don't sell out on Wednesdays?

Or, you're in patron services and want to introduce your venue to new people?

benefits of local seat filling, benefits of seat fillers

Whatever the Reason, Seat Filling Has Benefits

Whatever the reason, you'll find that local seat filling works to fill a seat or two (or 20 or 40!).

And, here's how...

>> 1. You let OTL know how many "comp" tickets or passes you'd like to offer to seat fillers (typically between 4 and 40).

>> 2. OTL privately posts your invitation in the members-only area and sends an email alert to members.

>> 3. Interested seat fillers make online reservations in the members' area.

>> 4. OTL sends YOU a Will Call (reservation) list.

>> 5. You distribute your own tickets or check members in - OTL never handles tickets.

>> 6. Seat Fillers are required to attend anything they reserve - and they tend to buy concessions, bring extra guests, and return to venues they love!

Recurring Events or Ongoing Opportunities

And, If it's not a one-off event, no worries…

OTL can post ongoing opportunities for members, too! The only requirement is that admission is complimentary to seat fillers (not everyone else!).


you let OTL know how many tickets to offer seat fillers, and OTL compiles a reservation list


except for the comps that you provide


so your regular sales aren't impacted!

OTL Preferred Seat Fillers Locations

There are currently ten OTL Preferred cities in the United States. They're the busiest locations for local seat filling - meaning more partners and members. Instead of filling a seat, OTL typically can fill 10-50, depending on the event and timing.







San Francisco


South Florida

Tampa Bay

and.. London, England

On-Call Seat Filling Everywhere Else

The rest of the US is covered by OTL Seat Filling On-Call Locations.

OTL’s “on-call” is fewer members and events. However, it’s growing in places like Charlotte, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Nashville, Norfolk, Portland, Raleigh, and St. Louis. It allows local seat filling to expand based on demand.

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OTL Seat Fillers Event Submission Form

Seat Filling for Event Promoters and Marketers

Benefits of Local Seat Filling Beyond Filling a Seat or Two

1. Bigger audience, new patrons

2. Additional income FOR YOU from food & beverage sales, merchandise, parking, etc.

3. Build your marketing list by having seat fillers sign in upon arrival

Ready to get started?

Head over to the Event Promoters page on

We'll confirm all of the details with you before your posting goes live for the first time.

It's UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE marketing that doesn't cost you anything. Fill a seat or two or more.

A Win-Win for YOU and Seat Fillers!

So, why not?