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Delusional Addicts

DELUSIONAL ADDICTS - EVERLY THE INTERNET Delusional Addicts has just just released a single called Everly, on Spotify and YouTube. More on Spotlight
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Spotlight Listings: Discover Auditions and Casting Calls with OTL

A New Way to Find Auditions and Casting Calls by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight In the dynamic world of arts and entertainment, finding the right auditions and casting calls can be the golden ticket to showcasing your talent and advancing your career. Whether you're an actor, musician, singer, comic, or dancer, the quest ... Read more
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Loungewear & Live Streamed Events: A Guaranteed Front Row Ticket

Live Shows or Live Streamed Events? Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?! by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight We’re consistently touting the benefits of shows and events IRL here at OTL. After all, our entertainment partners include some of the best theatres, comedy clubs, and other show venues across the ... Read more
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How to Get Comedy Tickets in Atlanta Without Selling Your Laugh to Science

The Insider's Guide to Snagging Free Comedy Tickets in Atlanta by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight In the bustling city of Atlanta, where the peaches are as sweet as the comedy is sharp, getting your hands on some complimentary comedy tickets can sometimes feel like trying to find a quiet spot at the Super ... Read more
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Dustin Nickerson

Dustin Nickerson Dania Beach, FL A Seattle native now suffering in Southern California, Dustin Nickerson is an in demand comic on the rise. In 2020, he released his debut comedy special Overwhelmed which is currently one of the highest rated specials on Amazon Prime Video. In addition, he’s been featured on Comedy Central and Netflix ... Read more
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Why London Seat Fillers Have More Fun

Why London Seat Fillers Have More Fun! by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight In the vibrant heart of London, where the arts scene buzzes with the electric energy of plays, musicals, comedy, and specialty shows, there’s a secret that’s too delightful to keep under wraps. Yes, I’m talking about the marvellous world of London ... Read more
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The Best Ways to Promote Events & Entertainment – Even If You’re the Entertainer!

3 Free and Fantastic Ways To Promote Events and Entertainment Even if YOU'RE the Entertainer by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight In the world of events and entertainment, getting the word out about your latest gig or show isn't just part of the job—it's an art form. But let's face it, not all of ... Read more

The Drag Circus

The Drag Circus London, UK Roll up, roll up and run away with the campest circus cabaret you could ever imagine! The Drag Circus represents the chaotic and spectacular part of the venn diagram where drag and circus meet - the wigs are big but the thrills are bigger, drag has never been so shocking, ... Read more
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Fun and Free for Seat Fillers: The Secret Life of a VIP on a Budget

Fun and Free for Seat Fillers by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight Have you ever fantasized about strutting down the red carpet, but your wallet said, “Uh, maybe stick to the beige carpet in your living room?” Well, my budget-conscious, entertainment-loving friends, it’s time to upgrade your dreams without downgrading your bank account. Welcome ... Read more

Justin Timberlake : The Forget Tomorrow World Tour

Justin Timberlake - The Forget Tomorrow World Tour Various Locations Justin Timberlake is gearing up for his first tour since 2019 in support of his upcoming album "Everything I Thought It Was," set to release on March 15th. The tour, dubbed the "Forget Tomorrow World Tour," was announced during his appearance on The Tonight Show ... Read more

Usher : Past Present Future Tour

Usher - Past Present Future Tour Various Locations The "Past Present Future Tour" is a 49-date North American tour by Usher in celebration of his upcoming album, "COMING HOME." The tour begins on August 16th and includes stops in various cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, and more. After his Super Bowl Halftime ... Read more

Niall Horan 2024 Tour

Niall Horan - Sing a Song All Night Long Tour Various Locations Live on Tour is Irish singer Niall Horan's ongoing concert series, supporting his third studio album, "The Show" (2023). Beginning on February 20, 2024, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and concluding on October 9, 2024, in Bogotá, Colombia, the tour spans across Europe, Oceania, ... Read more
two ballerinas on a stage with fairy dust between them


Humandemic Somewhere on the internet Hi I'm Cameron (humandemic) here is a link to all of my projects! More on Spotlight
two ballerinas on a stage with fairy dust between them

Carolina Ballet 2024 Spring Schedule

Carolina Ballet - Spring 2024 Raleigh, NC The Carolina Ballet in Raleigh, NC, stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and innovation in the world of dance. As it steps into the Spring 2024 season, the company is poised to captivate audiences with four incredible productions that promise to showcase the breadth and depth of ... Read more

Atlanta – True North

True North A creative exploration of the invisible forces that connect us across the globe, despite our differences. Atlanta playwright Lee Nowell’s play True North first came to 7 Stages as part of our Home Brew @ Home Series in 2020, and is now being developed as a full stage production. This scientific theatrical experience asks audiences ... Read more

Austin – The Twilight of the Golds

The Twilight of the Golds TWILIGHT OF THE GOLDS. If your parents knew everything about you before you were born, would you be here? That is the question posed in Jonathan Tolins' critically acclaimed Off-Broadway play, Twilight of the Golds. Suzanne's family is ecstatic to hear she is expecting her first child. But when a ... Read more
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The Ultimate Gift of Tickets for 2 for Valentine’s Day

Gift of Tickets for 2 for Valentine's Day Top 10 Experience Gifts That'll Turn Boring Into Special! by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides Flowers captivate with their beauty, but they don’t last long, and jewelry might be beyond your price range (or it’s waaay too early for that)! But gifting tickets for 2 ... Read more
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What is OTL Seat Fillers?

What Is OTL Seat Fillers? An Introduction to a Win-Win Concept for Events & Event-goers Jump into the awesome world of live entertainment with OTL Seat Fillers – your ticket to unforgettable experiences! As a member, score up to 4 free tickets per show whenever something cool comes up – be it plays, musicals, comedy ... Read more
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Unlocking Entertainment on a Budget: 3 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Things To Do in 2024

3 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Things To Do by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides Hey there, fellow fun-seekers! We get it - the struggle is real whether you’re trying to give yourself or an entire family time away from screen time. That's why we're here with the ultimate lowdown on how ... Read more

Family Fun on a Dime: Here are Fun Things To Do on a Budget

Family Fun on a Dime by the OTL Seat Fillers team In today's world, it can seem like family entertainment always comes with a hefty price tag. From amusement parks to movie theaters, the cost of creating lasting memories away from screens can quickly add up.  However, with a little creativity and planning, families can ... Read more