OTL Seat Fillers Reviews & Testimonials

There's a bit of mystery around seat fillers clubs, even with so many OTL Seat Fillers reviews and testimonials.

OTL and similar sites can't promote the names of entertainment partners. However, over the years, "long-time" members have shared their overall experiences and feedback. We stress "long-time" as you need at least 3-4 months to get a good feel for being a seat filler, as shows aren't always available. There are busier and slower times but just one show could offset dues for six months or even a year. So, someone who joins and doesn't see something exciting immediately isn't going to be reliable.

The following are from seat fillers who have been on board for four months or longer.

OTL Seat Fillers Reviews and Testimonials (from those who know!)

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed our membership.  The first event paid for the membership alone, everything else has been icing on the cake!
SH, Austin Member

We have attended several events--plays and bands.  We have enjoyed the entertainment and have enjoyed finding new venues with good actors and musicians performing.  The box offices have always had our reservations and have been pleasant when we checked in.
JH, Denver Member

It's great!  I have been a member for almost a year and have gotten to go to some great shows.  They usually have a wide variety of different types of shows from comedy to music to theater.  Some of the shows are tickets I would have purchased and some of them are hidden gems I wouldn't have known about.  This has been a great value and we have gotten a lot of entertainment out of the membership so far.  Thank you.
SR, TampaBay Member

This program pays for itself in the first event.
KLPB, TampaBay Member

It takes a little patience because shows aren't always available in your city. But when they are, just one event can pay for an entire year of membership.
SC, Miami Member

Thus far I have enjoyed being a member, and have had nothing but positive experiences using my membership.
JCS, Denver Member

I have really enjoyed going to shows with my girlfriend.  It's a great date night and we always have fun.
NOD, Atlanta Member

My wife and I love being seat fillers. We get out of the house so much more, and it's so cool to be able to reserve free tickets to such great shows that we might not have attended without OTL.
CR, Atlanta Member

I received this for Christmas last year, and have enjoyed it monthly ever since.  Great program!!
TD, Denver Member

Very cool membership for those who like to get out and experience things in Denver.  Worth the money.
JM, Denver Member

The area has so much fun to offer so it's just nice to get some of that fun at a value. Music, theater, film and arts are important and I like that (this site) helps promote awareness of them all. Get a membership, you won't be disappointed.
SN, TampaBay Member

A great way to experience Denver's entertainment and nightlife.  There's always something on there that I would have never found myself that are a lot of fun to attend!
VM, Denver Member

My husband and I recently attended a Musical event & absolutely enjoyed ourselves.  We were unfamiliar with both the Venue & the Performers; but are now Loyal Fans of both.
DL, TampaBay Member

Such a fun way to see a show on the spur of the moment with a friend or family member!
CLS, Denver Member

Having a great time going to concerts and theater shows I normally would not go to!
AM, Portland Member

Thus far I have enjoyed being a member, and have had nothing but positive experiences using my membership.
JCS, Denver Member

It's been awesome to try new experiences.
XS, Portland Member

Membership benefits were immediately rewarded since the first show that we attended equaled the amount of an entire year subscription. Everything after this point will definitely be consider extra value. For the price of one night out we have secured many good outings for an entire year.
FV, TampaBay Member

Just discovered this last year, what a great idea.  Hopefully every major city will offer it one day!
CA, Denver Member

We've very much enjoyed attending events in different parts of town... exploring our own city as "tourists!"  Have enjoyed every one so far!
PW, Atlanta Member

Good deal to catch some local community theater!
RA, Denver Member

We love our membership!  It has gotten us to so many theatres that we didn't even know existed.  We have recommended it to many friends.  What a bargain!
PM, Austin Member

My husband and I have been members since last October and have gone to many shows.  We love the variety and have never been disappointed!  Such a good deal for so much entertainment!
NM, Denver Member

Have attended 2 concerts - both a blast and a couple of great theatre events.  Never would have been able to do it without you.
DJ, TampaBay Member

Our membership is a must-have among my friends and family.  We have enjoyed many entertaining events together for a nominal yearly fee!  Thank you!
GM, Seattle Member

LOVE this thing!  Keep bringing us AWESOME shows!
LP, Seattle Member

I've really enjoyed seeing the various plays and improv shows you've offered.  Keep it up!  I'd also love to see offerings on the eastside.
VM, Seattle Member

Love this company!  I've gotten to see a free theater show (normally $130 tickets I got for free!) and a few other theater shows as well.
TH, Austin Member

Highly recommended.  Great selection of shows and a great time for our family at many events!
SH, Austin Member

Enjoying our membership - already paid for itself!
LB, TampaBay Member

Be a Seat Filler

More Reviews and Testimonials from OTL Seat Fillers VIP Squad Members

Worth the membership price for special events year round!
LN, Austin Member

What a fantastic way to experience unique events!  A great solution to the question, "What should we do tonight?"
SM, Denver Member

You guys are the real deal. I'm not sure if I should give details here but you guys over delivered above my expectations.
SH, SouthFlorida Member

Love all the free shows I get from these guys.  Theatre, music, burlesque!  Something to do every day.
DM, Denver Member

And I am thrilled to be part of this... My partner and I look forward to partaking in some of the events... Good luck to you...  I wish you all the success in  the world...
S, New Chicago Member

Great way to see shows that you may have not heard of and get in to see shows you wanted to see.
MSK, Denver Member

I have been to just a couple of things already and I have been a member less than two months  LOVE IT!!!
KG, Seattle Member

We have really enjoyed the opportunity to see some shows that we either wouldn't have been able to afford or might not have known about.  In the past two months we have had our membership, we have seen two concerts, one comedy show and have another scheduled for this week.
KE, Portland Member

My husband and I have enjoyed several quality events with our Portland membership and would highly recommend this service to those looking for varied entertainment.
JF, Portland Member

We love finding new theaters in town and have enjoyed all the events we have attended.  Great deal.
DTM, Denver Member

LOVE this thing! Keep bringing us AWESOME shows!
LP, Seattle Member

I've used my membership to go to events last minute, when I had out of town company or sudden plan changes.  So worth it.
LB, Denver Member

Great opportunities to catch new shows, concerts and sports events!
MM, Denver Member

Unlimited free unique shows after paying the small membership fee?  Can't beat that!
SR, Austin Member

Have seen several theater presentations, and LOVED it!!!!!
SC, Denver Member

Great service - used for a show and a concert.  Can't wait to do more.
SH, Atlanta Member

The quality of entertainment has been wonderful!  From plays, comedy shows, music acts, etc.  The variety of entertainment has been outstanding!
KI, TampaBay Member

I've been able to see 3 plays since I moved to Denver 4 months ago.  A great deal and all great ways to spend an evening with my wife!!
RGW, Denver Member

Thanks for having such a great service!  I have experienced so many cool events and none of which I would have thought to go to without my membership.  You have successfully removed me from my seat at home and placed me in a considerably more entertaining seat!  And for that I thank you!
ER, Atlanta Member

I'm really enjoying my new membership - signed up just in time for my birthday and got to see a show on the day!
SG, Denver Member

I've been to concerts, comedy shows and plays through my membership, always had a great experience and the value is amazing!
SP, TampaBay Member

What a great deal and so many cool shows offered!  =)
ATS, Atlanta Member

I love getting the new postings.  I'm a new member and am looking forward to attending my first event soon.  The variety of events is exciting and a great way to experience some hidden gems in Atlanta!
KW, Atlanta Member

I have been able to attend an amazing variety of shows for nothing!  Sporting events, expos and conventions!  However my all time favorite was a recent comedian that I didn't even know was in town!!  3 hours of laughter!  AMAZING!!  We even got moved up to the 5th row!  Thank you thank you!  I absolutely love my membership!
TC, Portland Member

If you're checking this out and Wondering "Is it worth it?"  Well I joined Last year and I have been able to see plays, go to concerts, and enjoyed comedy club shows so many times that I would have paid over $400 - I am off to see yet another play tomorrow - The entertainment is truly wonderful and there has been a couple theaters I had never been to which I will continue to see shows there because of the quality.  SO YES!!!  Yes it is worth your joining and getting out there and enjoying Denver all that much more!!!
JD, Denver Member

Be a Seat Filler

I have had a membership for the last few months and have attended a total of 3 events.  I have had the opportunity to visit a casino and watch two great bands, been to a theatre and saw a jazz singer, and also was part of a live taping of a famous comedian and his entourage who even appeared on Last Comic Standing.  I am glad I made the purchase, because one event ultimately pays for the membership.
DP, Portland Member

It's great!  Definitely allows me to see many more shows than ever before!
JS, Atlanta Member

Love this program!!
MCR, Atlanta Member

Our membership provides a great opportunity to see shows you might otherwise not know about or skip.
RS, Austin Member

I go to one or two shows a week and Love it
LP, Denver Member

I am really pleased with the variety of options constantly offered.
RG, TampaBay Member

The membership has paid for itself on the first theatrical production we saw.  Everything since then has just been a bonus!
LM, Seattle Member

Membership has opened up the door to so many different activities!  With all of the experiences I have gained through using this site, I see Seattle in a whole new light.  Thank you!
AK, Seattle Member

I have been a member for 10 months, and my boyfriend and I have attended over a dozen performances - plays, musical events, and club events!
PEH, TampaBay Member

Great service for anyone looking for fun and new events in Atlanta
CP, Atlanta Member

Best way to see the great shows without breaking your budget!
AF, TampaBay Member

Great date night ideas! We kept saying we should do date night, but we weren't too committed to  the planning.  Now we just log on and choose what dates and events work for us. I especially love that you have comedy shows. I love to laugh!!!!
BH, TampaBay Member

Thank you so much! Finally going to see (name of show). I can't believe it. You guys are awesome.
ML, Denver Member

I was unsure about joining at first, but decided to take a risk and try it out.  I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've made!  I've attended some great shows and events and have really enjoyed checking out events that I might have otherwise never have heard of.
KDK, Portland Member

Thank you ...I really enjoy the service!!!
PS, Denver Member

Membership has introduced entertainment that my husband and I might not have tried.  We have had fun enjoying many different venues.   We have been to concerts, enjoyed comedians, plays and sporting events!  We will definitely renew our membership.
CW, Portland Member

Membership has proven to be so much fun for our family and friends!  What a way to spend an evening...  LOTS of evenings!  Check it out!
DDB, Austin Member

And, Even More OTL Seat Fillers Testimonials and Reviews

Great for folks like me who are new to Austin!
KM, Austin Member

Love it.  Have recently seen 2 great plays at theaters that I was not familiar with before!
EK, Denver Member

This has proven to be so much fun for our family and friends! What a way to spend an evening... LOTS of evenings! Check it out!
DDB, Austin Member

It's a great benefit, I enjoy getting to the wonderful shows they offer with membership!
LL, TampaBay Member

Really have gotten our money's worth at some very wonderful events!!  Thanks, guys!
RC, Portland Member

I've gone to a number of free (events) and take a friend each time.  It makes for a nice evening out and chance to reconnect when everyone has such hectic lives!
WS, Seattle Member

We've used our membership for many shows.  It has paid for itself with the very first event we went to.  Love it!
PD, Austin Member

I love it! I've had my membership for over a year and I gotten to see numerous great shows at old and new venues. Plus you can't beat the deal!
PC, Seattle Member

It's exciting to check each day for new events!  Your gateway to MAGNIFICENT events in the ATL!
VP, Atlanta Member

I'm loving being a member!  We've had great success with the events we've chosen and attended.  Good stuff!
JA, Atlanta Member

We've been to several fabulous shows that we would have never picked if not for our membership.. local theatre, opera in a dive bar, great improv.  The shows do not disappoint, and it's such a great way to try out new venues!  An awesome deal for what you get with membership.
BD, Denver Member

I love it!  Who wouldn't want to see free comedy shows and music performances?
CM, Austin Member

We love the selection of events and entertainment offered!  We have not been disappointed!  T Y!
TK, Austin Member

I bought a membership a few months ago.  I had a vague idea of what it was but never did I guess I would have so much fun at such diverse events.  I didn't even know so much was going on in Atlanta.  I know have regular girls' nights outs and dates with the hubby.  I love it!!!
DG, Atlanta Member

My husband and I have been to a few different events and they were really fun.  It gets us out of the house and lets us go to places we would never have tried before.
LCH, Denver Member

We're loving our membership!!!  In fact, I've gotten friends to sign up b/c we get to go to free events!  Thanks for helping my hubs and me with our date-night adventures!!!!
CL, Seattle Member

I have been to just a couple of things already and I have been a member less than two months LOVE IT!!!
KG, Seattle Member

More than I could have expected with the variety of shows offered, the value is exceptional and I will never again be able to say there is nothing to do tonight!
NE, Denver Member

Best birthday present ever!  I have had the best year ever thanks to my membership!
AB, Portland Member

This is the BEST! My husband enjoys our date nights because they are 100 times better since we've joined. We've attended a variety of shows and saved lots of money. I highly recommend it to all of my friends and family!
LM, Seattle Member

A great way to get out to new venues, see things you might never have been exposed to, and just plain GET OFF THE COUCH! for an entire year, often for the price of what just one event would have cost you. We LOVE it!
RG, Seattle Member

A great value for the Tampa Bay area! You can't beat the super low annual rate for all the shows they have to offer. Free date nights with the hubs? I'll take it!
SS, TampaBay Member

Be a Seat Filler