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How Can I Get Free Tickets??

Why Them? Not Me?!

by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & Spotlight

Hey, are you saying to yourself, "I see people waltzing into events without forking out hundreds, or I see my co-worker always getting private invites to plays, musicals, comedy shows, and other fun events knowing they're on a budget. So how are they doing it ,and I can't?"

Well, let me tell you the secret: it's all about knowing how to get free tickets. Yes, you heard that right—free tickets! And I’m here to spill the beans on the best ways to snag those coveted seats without breaking the bank.

The #1 Always Proven Way to Get Free Tickets

I have to come right out swinging with the number one way to get free tickets because there’s no ambiguity. If seat fillers are in your area, joining the OTL Seat Fillers Club is an amazing way to get comps.

And don’t let the word club deter you. OTL is a club with no meetings, just fun experiences for you, your family, and your friends. You can cancel anytime, attend the shows you want (based on availability), and flex those guest ticket privileges. Hey, maybe your guests will reciprocate and buy you dinner first.

Then, you get a twofer!

So Many Seats!

Just think about how many things are happening practically right outside your door. There are seasonal festivals, community theaters, comedy clubs, concert venues, sporting events, specialty acts, touring shows, and the list goes on. You probably aren’t even aware of half of the things going on! And, they can’t always fill to capacity, as there are only so many audience members to go around at any given time.

So, becoming a seat filler is one of the best-kept secrets in many towns across the US and in London, too. As a seat filler, you can get free tickets to a variety of these events, from theatre productions to comedy shows, music concerts, and more. Plus, you get the inside scoop on new things to do that are new to you!

Here's how it works: event organizers want their venues to look full for performers and audiences, so they offer free tickets to seat fillers to eliminate some of those sad, empty seats. This creates a vibrant, lively audience, boosting the atmosphere.

Joining a seat filler club like OTL Seat Fillers is a fantastic way to access these opportunities. You simply sign up, choose your city, and wait for those sweet invitations to roll in. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying a night out at the theatre, laughing at a comedy show, or rocking out to local music—all for free.

So, the road to free tickets looks like this:

  1. Event promoters or entertainers extend private invitations (with free admission) to OTL to extend to members (aka seat fillers).
  2. OTL posts the opportunities in the private members-only area (never publicly!).
  3. A show alert goes out to seat fillers in that location.
  4. Seat Filler members make reservations and receive an email confirmation providing the pick-up time and location (typically within an hour or two of showtime and at the Will Call window).
  5. Seat Fillers check in at the pick-up location, present their IDs, and receive their comps.
  6. That’s all there is to it – no coupons to print or present or hoops to jump through.
  7. Oh, there is one catch, though… If you’re a seat filler and reserve tickets, you must attend the show. OTL’s phenomenal event partners count on you!
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What? My $10 or £4 a month doesn’t get me free tickets every minute of every day?

I could go on touting the benefits of being a seat filler. After all, dues are ridiculously low, and the value is incredible. Even one show can more than offset dues for an entire year! But I also like to provide the flip side so potential new members have the full picture.

Yes, it’s fun being a seat filler and, yes, tickets are always free. However, there won’t be shows posted all the time. Preferred locations are busier but, even so, OTL is a unique concept. It’s a seat filler club and not a ticket broker. So, there’s no ticket shopping. OTL is all about the surprise invitations that pop up out of the blue!

Seat Fillers Math

The bottom line is seat fillers are notified about occasional opportunities. Then, the fun really kicks in as they get to reserve complimentary tickets, whether they’re 5.00, 20.00, or even 100.00 a piece!

And, don’t forget, as a seat filler, you get to bring a friend (or three!) along for the ride!

Seat Fillers Math:  A four-ticket membership and a $50 ticket = $200 in value with just one show!

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A promotional graphic with a dark background featuring spotlights shining down on a stage. The text in bold, colorful letters reads "The Spotlight is Shining." Below this, in smaller text, it says, "Seat Filling is secretive but the Spotlight shines on & for everyone who loves entertainment & things to do." At the bottom, there's a glowing neon button with the text "Check It Out.

How Can I Get Free Tickets Other Ways?

While being a seat filler is amazing, there are other creative ways to score free tickets. Let's dive in!

Employer Benefits Programs

Believe it or not, your employer might have a treasure trove of benefits including free or discounted event tickets. Many companies have partnerships with local entertainment venues and offer tickets as part of employee perks. Some are discounted, but freebies are always possible, depending on the program.   https://www.ticketsatwork.com/rewards/who-we-are

Check with your HR department to see if your company offers these types of benefits. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Get on Mailing Lists

Sign up for newsletters and mailing lists of your favorite venues, artists, and event promoters. Often, these insiders get first dibs on free or heavily discounted tickets. Plus, you'll stay in the loop about upcoming events and special promotions. Sometimes, just being in the know can land you some fantastic free tickets.

Preview Performances

Many theatres and production companies offer free or low-cost tickets to preview performances before the official opening night. These previews are essentially dress rehearsals with an audience and are a great way to see a show without paying full price. Keep an eye out for these opportunities, especially if you love the thrill of seeing a performance come to life before anyone else.

Volunteer at Events

Another great way to get free tickets is by volunteering at events. Many festivals, theatres, and concert venues rely on volunteers to help with various tasks, from ushering to handing out programs. In exchange for your time, you often get free admission to the event. It’s a win-win situation—you get to help out, AND enjoy the show!

Enter Contests and Giveaways

Keep an eye on social media, radio stations, and local websites for contests and giveaways. Many organizations run promotions where you can win free tickets simply by entering. It takes just a few minutes, and you never know—you might be the lucky winner!

TIP: Sweepstakes Fanatic will get you started.

Check the Spotlight

Seat filling is secretive, but OTL’s got everyone covered with the new OTL Spotlight. Spotlight covers all things arts and entertainment with news and announcements that update in real-time. And, Spotlight has an entire section in the Fan Zone, devoted to Free Tickets and Free Things to Do


So, there you have it—several fantastic ways to get free tickets to fantastic shows, events, and activities.

Whether you become a seat filler with OTL Seat Fillers, tap into employer benefits, join mailing lists, attend preview performances, volunteer, or enter contests, or stay ahead of the curve with OTL Spotlight, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the best entertainment without spending a dime.

Now, go out there and start scoring those free tickets—you deserve it!