OTL Membership Rules

Introduction to OTL Seat Fillers and the Club's Membership Rules

We're in it together. So, let's keep things positive and upbeat!

OTL reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member (without refund) who does not follow all of the rules listed, causes any type of disturbance at a show/event, or creates any problem that negatively impacts OTL Seat Fillers (OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers), its members, or partners. We know that's not YOU, but have to say it anyway.

Any negative or “hostile” emails or public postings will not be tolerated and will also result in the loss of membership privileges without a refund. We are a fun membership providing an inexpensive way to stretch your entertainment budget while supporting your local arts and entertainment Community. We want to create a positive, pleasant, and enjoyable environment for members and we appreciate the same in return.

If OTL isn't for you, all you have to do is cancel and you won't be charged again. But we know you'll love it and want to stick around. After all, OTL is the most entertaining club around!

OTL Seat Fillers Members must understand and abide by the following to be a part of the club. If you have any questions about these rules, please contact OTL before registering.

1. All OTL Seat Fillers Memberships Auto-Renew

It is the member's responsibility to cancel at least 72 hours prior to the next payment date. All you have to do is go to Manage My Account in your member area. Returning members are not eligible for new member discounts.

2. There's No Guarantee as to the Number of Shows, Events, or Activities that will be posted at any given time

OTL is a Seat Fillers Club and not a ticket broker. Members never pay anything more than membership dues. But OTL has no idea what's coming up, as far as the number or type of events. It depends on the needs of OTL's partners at any given time.

3. Membership Requirements

Seat Fillers must be 18 or older (although you can bring "under 18s" to age-appropriate events as your guest). But members under 21 are not allowed to reserve and attend shows that are specifically designated as 21 or older. Members must also have internet and email access, as all reservations are made through the OTL 24/7 website.

4. All Membership Dues are Non-Refundable

Members can cancel their membership at any time, and then no further dues payments will be debited upon cancellation. Be sure to cancel at least 72 hours prior to your next dues payment.

5. Members & New Members are responsible for ensuring they apply any discounts, gifts, or prepaid memberships properly

OTL's system provides a message bar confirming that discount, gift, or prepaid codes are applied properly. If a discount isn't displaying, contact Member Services before proceeding.

6. Monthly Membership Cancellation is the Member's responsibility and must be planned at least 72 hours prior to the next dues payment

It's the member's responsibility to cancel the membership (although we hate to see you go). There's a handy link in the Manage My Account area. Please be sure to cancel 72 hours prior to your next dues payment. If you have any questions or need help, we're here for you - just use the contact form in the member area.

7. Member No-Show Policy

Members must attend everything they reserve tickets to OR cancel their reservation by contacting customer service by the cancellation deadline noted on all email confirmations. No-shows can result in the loss of membership privileges without any refund. The clubs are active because entertainment partners provide free tickets in exchange for the seats being filled.

8. Privacy to Shows

Members of OTL should never publicly post the names of entertainment partners nor discuss that they are receiving “comps” while at the venues. This is to ensure that the venue partners’ regular ticket sales are not impacted.

9. Member Reservation Confirmations

It is each member’s responsibility to make sure they have properly completed their reservation process by checking in their account area to ensure that all of their reservations are listed. Members should also receive an email confirmation after each reservation is completed. When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask us (contact form in your member area).

10. Changes to Reservations and Event Questions

All event inquiries should be directed to OTL Member Services. Members are never to contact a venue directly. We have to keep the process easy and streamlined as part of the agreement with our entertainment partners.

11. Attending the Show

Members must pick up the tickets/check in with the venue during the specified hours posted on the event confirmation. Members must never sell or give away any tickets that have been received on behalf of their OTL membership. Any member who has violated this policy will immediately lose their membership without a refund.

12. Location Matters - Preferred Cities are for Preferred Members

OTL Seat Fillers can reserve tickets and opportunities to anything posted in the member area and aren't limited by location. However, members who live in Preferred locations (aka the ones that are the most active) must register as a Preferred member (and not On-Call). Any member who lives in a Preferred location but takes advantage of lower membership dues will be canceled without a refund.

13. OTL Does Not Guarantee the Number of Shows or Tickets

However, the club makes every effort possible to ensure that members have a great selection during their membership. OTL is a Seat Fillers membership, and shows are posted according to need by OTL's entertainment partners. This is a repeat of rule #2, but we need to make sure that potential new members understand the difference between a seat fillers club, where tickets are free, and a ticket broker, which sells tickets.

14. Notification of New Ticket Opportunities

OTL makes every effort to email an event alert as new opportunities are posted. However, we still encourage members to check in frequently - just in case.

15. Ticket Reservations are on a First-Come, First-Serve Basis

But additional ticket allotments are commonplace.

16. Appropriate Attire and Audience Behavior are Required when Attending Shows

If a venue alerts OTL that a member has been disruptive or inappropriate or has sold their tickets, that member will lose his/her membership privileges immediately without a refund.

17. Members May Attend Each Show/Event Only Once

This is to make sure that all members can be accommodated. However, if multiple performances are offered, and tickets are available, contact Member Services regarding second-time ticket availability.

18. Active and Expired Members Cannot Take Advantage of "New Member" offers

This rule covers repeat cancellations of memberships to use new member discounts.

19. OTL Does Not Guarantee the Quality of the Seat

Each venue will determine which seats they will offer to our members. However, the OTL member's party will be seated together 99% of the time.

20. Members Will Not Hold OTL or the Venue Responsible for Any Show or Event Cancellations

If OTL learns that a show or event has been canceled prior to the event starting time, an email will be sent out to everyone on the reservation list. So, please be sure to check your email frequently on the day of the show.

21. OTL Will Not be Held Financially Responsible for Any of its Members’ Actions

22. OTL is Not Responsible for any Lost Emails, Blocked Email Accounts, or Accounts that View our Emails as Spam or Junk Mail

Please be sure to add info@otlseatfillers.com to your email contacts to avoid accidental spam designations.

23. OTL is a Secure Site and Does NOT Keep or Store Credit Card Information

Credit card information is stored safely with Stripe and protected and is independently certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available.

24. Members Can Easily Change the Card They’re Using for their Monthly Payment or Cancel Their Membership at any Time

OK. We know. We've mentioned that you can cancel your membership at any time - multiple times now. But we know it can be challenging to manage subscriptions (we've got our own), and want to make things as easy as possible for you. Click “Manage My Account” inside the Member Dashboard for any payment updates or membership cancellations. If you have any issues, please contact Member Services, and we're happy to help.

25. OTL Membership Discounts Cannot be Combined

26. Grandfathered Pricing

After a member cancels, any grandfathered pricing (aka lower pricing) is forfeited upon return.

27. Members May NOT Reserve Tickets Exceeding Their Paid Membership Level (i.e., 2 tickets per show for Premiere and Special Members and 4 tickets per show for Grand Members)

If a member reserves more than their paid level of membership, their membership is subject to cancellation without a refund.

28. OTL Retains the Right to Update and Add to Membership Rules

The link to all current membership rules is always located in the Member Dashboard, on the home page, and on every registration page as members must agree to review and abide by OTL's rules of membership.