OTL Seat Fillers Are Local Seat Fillers

Is the Concept New to You?

Here's the Scoop. You'll Want to Be a Part of This Exclusive VIP Squad!

How Local (aka Community) Seat Filling Works

  1. Promoters privately offer free tickets to OTL
  2. OTL posts the show or event information for members
  3. Members reserve tickets (up to four per show depending on membership plan)
  4. The reservation list is sent back to the theater or show venue
  5. Members present their ID and pick up tickets at the Box Office right before the curtain rises

Why You'll Love Being a Local Seat Filler

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Free Pairs of Tickets

There are many perks to being a part of OTL Seat Fillers. But the most valuable one is free tickets. Seat Fillers always receive complimentary admission to all shows, events, and activities.

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Lots of New Things to Do

Another benefit of being an OTL Seat Filler is being introduced to all kinds of shows, events, and activities in your area. Hidden gems could pop up that could be entirely new to you.

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Affordable & Generous

It's not just that OTL Seat Fillers dues are super-affordable (like less than one movie ticket affordable). But, you can treat your guests - they're on the comp list too!

Seat Filling is Fun!

Yes, it's exciting to reserve tickets without worrying about the cost. But, part of the fun is also seeing what pops up out of the blue. Things are always changing in the wide, wonderful world of local seat-filling!

The Local Seat Filler Difference

Being a community Seat Filler is different from seat filling at the major Awards shows or Broadway or West End Theatres. OTL Club members pay low monthly dues and get to reserve free tickets or claim free opportunities to anything that pops up in the member area.

Seat Fillers don't go it alone, moving from place to place. Instead, they bring a guest and are treated just like every other patron in the audience. The only difference is that OTL members and their guest(s) are on the comp list.

OTL members are on secret seat filling missions. And, what could be more fun than being an undercover "Free Ticket VIP?!"

Two (or Four) Tickets per Show (not just one)

Plays, musicals, comedy, music, and more

Introduction to new things to do in your hometown

Four-seat memberships are also available

Typically invited to 1-2 shows monthly

No commitment - cancel anytime

All show and event tickets are 100% free to members

Present your ID at the Box Office to pick up tickets right before showtime

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find that privately inviting OTL Seat Fillers is one of the easiest marketing tools you'll ever come across!

What Are Seat Fillers?

There are a few types of seat fillers. Traditionally, seat filling was reserved for awards shows like the Academy Awards, Grammys, or BAFTAs. Today's seat fillers, like through OTL Seat Fillers, aren't filling seats for someone else. They're filling seats - period.

How Can I Be a Seat Filler?

If you're looking to be an award show seat filler, you need to get on a list and hope for the best as the demand is high. But if you are interested in local seat filling, you can register with a seat fillers club in your area. OTL covers most of the US and London. But PlugIn Vegas is for Las Vegans, and SeatStir is in Baltimore/DC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, NY/NJ, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

What's the Benefit of Being a Seat Filler?

Award show seat fillers have the fun of rubbing elbows with the stars. Community seat fillers might not have those opportunities, but they have 12 months of free pairs of tickets to local shows, events, and activities. OTL Seat Fillers attend with guests and don't move around throughout the show.

How Do Local Seat Fillers Pick Up Their Tickets?

When you belong to a seat fillers club, opportunities are posted in a private members-only area. To claim free tickets, you make an online reservation, then pick up your comps right before the show at the venue's box office.

How Much Does it Cost to Be a Seat Filler?

Seat Fillers, through free ticket clubs, like OTL Seat Fillers, SeatStir, and Plugin Vegas, pay dues in the range of only $9 to $15 per month, and all pairs of tickets are included. OTL also has Seat Fillers On-Call for less than $5 per month.