Seat Filling for Event Promoters & Marketers

The FREE, PRIVATE, and EASY Way to Fill Some Seats

and Introduce New Patrons to Your Fantastic Show, Event, or Activity

OTL Seat Filling for Event Promoters

Seat Filling is NEW in the 21st century. If you're an event promoter or marketer with a ticketed event, virtual experience, activity, class, experience, or other offerings, you're in the right place! OTL Seat Fillers provide a Free, Easy, and Private Way to add to your audience or patron list.

Why Invite Seat Fillers?

  • Bigger audience (fill two or 22 seats!)
  • Introduce new patrons to your show/venue
  • More successful preview or media events
  • No one else knows - OTL doesn't publicize partner names
  • Increased food and beverage income
  • Build your marketing list
  • Word-of-mouth marketing that's proven successful
  • OTL provides you with a reservation list - you distribute tickets

It doesn't cost you anything - and it only takes five minutes!

Seat Filling is Unique Partnership Marketing

Inviting OTL Seat Fillers costs nothing more than the tickets for free experiences that you provide. No money is ever exchanged between you and OTL.

Private, Free, Unique, and Super Easy Marketing

Nothing stays the same, and that holds for products, services, and promoting them. So, as an event promoter or marketing specialist, you can send OTL Seat Fillers on a super-secret mission to fill seats at your upcoming show or event. Or, maybe offer them a free Yoga class, invite them to a wine tasting spectacular, or a matinee show that typically has open seats (we can tell you first-hand, they love popcorn!)

Here's How It All Works

1. You privately offer tickets (or opportunities) to OTL

2. OTL posts all of the information in the password-protected members-only area (remember, we never publicly promote our partners so we don't impact your regular sales)

3. An alert goes out to Seat Fillers that something new has arrived

4. Interested OTL Seat Fillers make their online reservations with spots based on their membership level (either up to 2 or 4 seats)

5. The complete reservation list is sent to you

6. You take it from there - distributing the tickets or checking in OTL Seat Fillers (OTL never handles tickets)

[vimeoyoutubepopup_video displaytype="image" path="/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Local-seat-filling-how-it-works.jpeg" videoplayer="youtube" videoid="_ZSavP9Kv0c" width="900" height="510" autoplay="false"]

Benefits of Partnering with OTL Seat Fillers


OTL Seat Fillers never publicly promotes the names of our events and marketing partners so that regular sales aren't impacted.

OTL attendees follow the same rule. They don't discuss receiving comps or being Seat Fillers.

No Cost

Having OTL compile a reservation list for you or share a secret code to unlock a virtual event is 100% free.

No money is ever exchanged between OTL and our event partners. Just keep in mind that tickets or opportunities must be comped for members.


Back in the "old" days, papering meant printing off thousands of tickets, hoping that a few hundred would be used. These days, OTL Seat Fillers provide a 21st-century papering concept.

Seat Fillers that claim spots are required to attend (so you get about a 90% accuracy rate!)

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find that privately inviting OTL Seat Fillers is one of the easiest event marketing tools you'll ever come across!

How Do OTL Seat Fillers (aka Local Seat Fillers) Benefit Event Promoters and Marketers?

Entertainment communities (and beyond) by providing a unique marketing service. Instead of running an ad or distributing 500 tickets hoping for five people to show, OTL privately compiles a reservation list and then turns it over to the show, event, or business for implementation.

What Types of Seat Filling Opportunities Can Be Offered to Local Seat Fillers (members of

While theatre (plays and musicals) are number one for members, OTL has offered a long list of events and experiences over the past 7+ years. Seat-filling opportunities have covered sporting events, preview and media performances, TV tapings, virtual events, lectures, book signings, classes, conferences and expos, dinner theatre, museums, private parties, burlesque, dancing, movies, day cruises, the list goes on...

How Much Does It Cost for Local Promoters and Marketers for Seat Filling?

The answer is Z-E-R-O. It's free for event promoters or marketing specialists to work with OTL Seat Fillers. However, the tickets, activities, or services that you offer must be 100% free for OTL Seat Fillers - no upcharges or fees added.

What are the Requirements for Event Promoters Who Want to Invite Local Seat Fillers?

Requirements for seat-filling opportunities revolve around one main rule - whatever OTL posts for its seat fillers members must be 100% free to them, but must also have a value associated. OTL cannot post free shows or activities that are free for everyone. Seat Fillers pay membership dues for the opportunity to claim seat filler-only comps. But, as far as the types of events or activities, pretty much anything goes!

How Do Local Seat Fillers Pick Up Their Complimentary Tickets?

OTL never handles tickets for seat fillers. instead, it posts the event and compiles a will-call list for the entertainment partner. Seat Fillers check in right before the show at the box office or other designated location.

Where are OTL Seat Fillers (aka Local Seat Fillers) located?

Local seat filling is active across the US and in London (UK). OTL has 5 Preferred US cities that are the busiest (with both partners and seat fillers). They are Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. London, England is another top location for seat fillers and seat filling. Then, there's a third level of membership called Seat Fillers On-Call. On-Call members are from various locations across the US. But some of the top On-Call cities include Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Nashville, Portland (Oregon), Raleigh, Seattle, South Florida, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay. On-Call Seat Fillers appreciate national events, services, virtual, and other opportunities that aren't entirely location-specific.

A Few Testimonials From Event Promoters

Secret Seat Filling means partner identities are hidden!

Remember, one of the benefits of inviting OTL Seat Fillers is the privacy factor. OTL would LOVE to broadcast to the world the list of our amazing entertainment partners. But we're a behind-the-scenes marketing tool for event promoters and marketers. So, mum's the word!

OTL has catered to our needs and we are grateful for their friendly service.  In addition, working with OTL has been really easy, discrete and has helped to bring revenue to our venue. 

– San Francisco Entertainment Partner

I love working with OTL. The ticket process is easy and the audiences they send our way keep coming back. They are a valuable part of the arts community in Austin.

– Austin Entertainment Partner (7+ years)

On the List (OTL) is the perfect service to help us get extra bodies into the theater for opening nights, or to fill any last-minute vacancies. Mark and his team do an amazing job making it seamless for the theater, too!

– Boston Entertainment Partner

On the List (OTL) has been a great resource for bringing new patrons to our theatre! Because people who are interested in theatre become members, they are exactly our target audience! And they come again and again... even when they aren't "on the list"!

– Atlanta Entertainment Partner

Other Free Marketing Resources for Event Promoters

In addition to OTL Seat Fillers, OTL has partnered with ticketing giant, Evvnt to provide new touchless ticket sales portals and local and national community events calendars. And, just like seat filling, it's all free to use.

Contact OTL Seat Fillers with Event Promoter Questions