How To Fill Seats in 5 Minutes

Seat Filling is 100% Effective Marketing - and It's Free!

  • Increased Food & Beverage Income
  • Introduce New Patrons To Your Venue, Show, or Activity
  • Build Your Marketing List
  • A Bigger Audience - even if you only need 4 seats filled
  • Private - no one knows you're providing free admission

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A Partner of Local Arts & entertainment in the us & Uk for 9+ years

how OTL seat filling works for venues and event promoters

I love working with OTL. The ticket process is easy and the audiences they send our way keep coming back. They are a valuable part of the arts community in Austin.

– Austin Entertainment Partner (7+ years)

On the List (OTL) is the perfect service to help us get extra bodies into the theater for opening nights, or to fill any last-minute vacancies. Mark and his team do an amazing job making it seamless for the theater, too!

– Boston Entertainment Partner

OTL has been a great resource for bringing new patrons to our theatre! Because people who are interested in theatre become members, they are exactly our target audience! And they come again and again... even when they aren't "on the list"!

– Atlanta Entertainment Partner