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10 Fantastic Gifts for Theater Lovers

You're Going To Love These Gifts for Theater Lovers

by Celeste González, Contributing Writer

Looking for the best gifts for that play aficionado or Broadway fanatic? Well, look no further than our list of 10 fantastic gifts for theater lovers. With the holiday season right around the corner, come colder months, warmer clothes, and of course, gift shopping for those we love most.

 I, for one, am usually stressed when it comes to gift giving, largely because I want the gift to be something the receiver will enjoy and continue to use or remember fondly. So, I’ve compiled a list of creative, thoughtful, and memorable gift ideas to suit all lovers of live entertainment. Hopefully, this list will alleviate some stress for you!

Playbill binder, Playbill gift

Playbill Binder

For the avid playgoer who loves keepsakes, a playbill binder is a great way to commemorate their night at the theater. The binder comes with 30 pages to fit playbills with 30 sheet protectors guaranteed to keep their mementos in mint condition.

musical theater charades, gifts for theater lovers

Musical Theater Charades

Any theater buff who wants to share their love for the arts with friends is sure to love this fun and immersive game of musical theater charades. To friends of said theater buff: be prepared to ask for a rematch!

theater props, gifts for theater lovers

Memorabilia - Props and Costumes

If you have the resources and want to leave a lasting impression on your loved one, this one is for you. Consider buying them an original prop from their favorite screenplay or theater production.

While a bit more expensive, the look on the recipient's face when they open this one-of-a-kind gift is priceless.

gifts for theater lovers, gifts for music lovers
OTL Seat Fillers gift voucher, theater gift membership

Tickets to a Show (More Like Tickets to Shows!)

No theater fan will be able to resist tickets to that show they’ve been looking forward to for months or a spontaneous trip to the playhouse. But why limit them to just the holiday season?

If your gift recipient lives in one of OTL Seat Fillers’ US locations or in London, this is a cool option. They can take advantage of private events and free show tickets year-round for months. And they don’t need to go it alone, as gift memberships include up to four seats per show.

Last-minute relief: You’ll also like that OTL gift memberships are emailed within minutes of purchasing. phew!

Musical Theater Bucker List game, gift for theater lovers

Gift for the Person ITCHing To Go to the Theater

For the theater beginner on a mission to learn more about theater or impress their peers, I recommend a 100 Musical Theater Scratch-off Poster.

It requires some serious commitment, but think of it as a two-for-one gift. Not only do they get new experiences but are doubly rewarded with a deep sense of satisfaction after completing the list.

DIY gift for theater lovers, script for theater lovers

Scene Frozen in Time

For the DIY gift giver, I offer you a simple yet sentimental gift for your theater lover.

For this one, you’ll need:

  • a printer
  • a picture frame similar to the proportions of four pieces of printer paper
  • a good knowledge of your recipient’s favorite plays or scenes from plays
Christmas coffees,

Creating the Gift

  1. Find an app that allows you to download pages of the original play script. Or, use a snipping tool on your computer/laptop to crop an image of the pages from the scene they love. (Two to three pages of script is fine. You will also want to crop the title of the play from which the script is written.)
  2. Print the pages you’ve chosen. Depending on the context, you’ll end up with 3-4 pages. (Page 1: The title of the play. Pages 2-4 Script scenes).
  3. Arrange the pages to fit the frame from left to right with the name of the script in the top left corner of the frame. Once it's arranged, place the backing back onto the frame.
  4. Voila! A scene frozen in time. The perfect gift for a theater lover.
leather bound journal, gift for playwrights

Playwrights wRite of Passage

For the writer in your life who finds inspiration in the most obscure places during the most unpredictable times, a leather-bound journal is the way to go. They'll have more incentive to write. Plus, it's a constant reminder that you believe in and support their creative vision!

Broadway Book Club

Broadway Book Club

For the modern theatergoer always looking to find undiscovered, up-and-coming artists, I’ve selected a membership to the Broadway Book Club. The membership offers quarterly, annual, and one-time subscriptions. They include packages ranging from 5-7 unique plays per order.

This gift is sure to keep all play enthusiasts on their toes.

Broadway Lovers Cookbook, fantastic gifts for theater lovers

Dinner for a Show

You’ve heard the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach, and a theater friend’s is no exception. Instead of heading to a restaurant before or after a show, I've got a better idea. Why not cook dinner to accompany a show by using the Broadway Lover’s Cookbook?

There’s nothing better than having your recipient leave the table with a full stomach and a full heart.

theater lovers gifts, OTL gifts, tees for theater lovers, hoodies for theater lovers

Beating Heart of Entertainment

Theater lovers are passionate about arts and entertainment and aren’t afraid to show it. So why not let them? With OTL Seat Fillers' Beating Heart of Entertainment Collection, you’ve got a choice of hoodies and tees.

And if you’re not sure, go for a festive red mug with the A & E heartbeat! You can fill it with two tickets to an upcoming show, an OTL Seat Fillers gift membership, or a bag of Christmas coffee will do the trick, too!

Clever Gifts for Theater Lovers

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else this holiday season, these gifts are sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit. Don’t miss out on other holiday offers from OTL Seat Fillers by subscribing to our private email list and following us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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