What Are Seat Filler Gifts?

First, We Introduced Local Seat Fillers and Now, Seat Filler Gifts

by Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

We're in a world where so many inventions and new opportunities are linked to the virtual world. So, it's kind of fun for me to introduce an idea that encourages your gift recipient to go offline and get out of the house.

Before I give you the scoop on how seat filler gifts work, let me give you a brief introduction to local seat filling through OTL (aka On the List) in case the concept is new to you. But I won't go into too many details, as I've already written quite a few "seat filling" primers for our OTL blog.

How Do Seat Fillers Receive Free Tickets?

What Are Seat Fillers and Where?

Three Facts About Seat Fillers - Exposed

In a nutshell, though, local seat filling provides area venues, events, and activities with a free, private, and easy way to add to the audience and introduce new patrons to their amazing entertainment. OTL members, or "seat fillers" have the fun of seeing what pops up in their area out of the blue and the opportunity to receive free pairs of tickets for nothing more than low membership dues.

Over the years, local seat fillers have attended more plays and musicals than anything else. However, there have been plenty of other invitations to live events like comedy shows, music, burlesque, ballet, dance, sports, classes, escape rooms, movies, and more.

OTL Seat Fillers are part of the most entertaining club around. No meetings to attend... just shows to attend. And, members don't go it alone with two and four-seat memberships.

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Introducing Seat Filler Gifts

You know (or, at least you do now) that seat fillers receive free pairs of tickets to local events, and part of the fun is the surprise of seeing what pops up. It's not a one-hour, one-day, or even one-week experience. There's a little bit of a waiting game that comes with receiving free tickets (which are sometimes worth more than 50.00 each!).

That's why new seat fillers are encouraged to start with a three-month membership as that's typically enough time to see what OTL is all about and attend a few events (for free, of course).

So, seat filler gifts are ones that keep on giving. Your friend or family member isn't unwrapping a Chia pet or pair of socks. Or, they're not using a restaurant gift card for one meal.

Instead, the gift of OTL seat filling is introducing your recipient to new shows in their hometown, giving them some fun nights at the theater, comedy club, or other venues. They pick what they want to attend and after the gift runs out, their membership continues at a discounted rate until they click "cancel" (although they probably won't!).

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Why Buy the Gift of Seat Filling?

Local seat filling is not only entertaining but gratifying. Members have the fun of being surprised by new shows or opportunities and attending them without worrying about the cost, as they're always on the comp list. Additionally, though, seat fillers are supporting local arts and entertainment. The concept is a win-win for everyone - free tickets for members and a free, private, and easy way for venues to have a bigger audience and expand their list of patrons.

Benefits of OTL Seat Filler Gifts

When you give the gift of seat filling through OTL, you have an incredibly unique present that's instantly issued.

OTL Seat Filler Gifts

  • All-inclusive - all tickets included
  • Covers guests, too - two and four-seat memberships available
  • Theatre, music, comedy, more
  • Seat Fillers can attend any of the shows listed in the member area (ideal for members who travel)
  • Provides your gift recipient with a lower membership dues renewal rate (but there's no commitment; they can also cancel at any time)
  • A valuable gift that's affordable
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Best Cities for OTL Seat Fillers Gifts

Location matters. Well, at least it does when it comes to OTL Seat Fillers gift availability and pricing. That's because OTL has a few different types of seat filing memberships based on the current number of entertainment partners and members.

Local seat filling is across the United States and in London, and OTL covers most of the territory with just a few exceptions.

OTL Preferred Seat Fillers Locations

There are currently ten OTL Preferred cities in the United States. They're the busiest locations for local seat filling - meaning more partners and members. Seat Fillers are typically invited to a few events each month in these areas.







San Francisco


South Florida

Tampa Bay

Preferred Seat Fillers Gifts

OTL offers three seat filler gift options for entertainment fans who live in any of the ten preferred US locations:

  1. Three-month gift of seat filling for two
  2. Three-month gift of seat filling for four
  3. Three-month gift of seat filling for two (discounted for seniors, military, veterans, first responders, teachers, and students)

On-Call Seat Filling Through OTL

Because there's been interest in local seat filling by both potential partners and members in other US locations, OTL launched "Seat Fillers On-Call" in 2021. It's a super affordable membership (less than 5.00 per month) for anyone who wants to participate and doesn't live in one of the top ten preferred cities.

Seat Fillers On-Call might be waiting a while for a local show but anything can happen. They also have access to events in any city, which is ideal for members who travel frequently. A few of the best On-Call cities include Charlotte, Nashville, Portland, Raleigh, and St. Louis.

Gifts for On-Call Locations

Because membership dues are so much lower in On-Call cities, OTL offers one-year gifts for the same price as the three-month Preferred.

London Seat Filler Gifts

Seat Filling in London is similar to OTL's Preferred locations. However, the pricing is the same as On-Call. That's because London is so spread out that members tend to wait for shows in their area. So, opportunities aren't as frequent.

Gifts for London Seat Fillers are structured like On-Call cities. An entire year of seat filling for two is just under £40.

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