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Unlocking Entertainment on a Budget

3 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Things To Do

by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides

Hey there, fellow fun-seekers! We get it - the struggle is real whether you’re trying to give yourself or an entire family time away from screen time. That's why we're here with the ultimate lowdown on how to save money on things to do in 2024!

Buckle up for a ride through the land of discounts, membership perks, and secret stashes of freebies that'll maximize your fun without minimizing your wallet. Let's face it, paying for the whole fam can feel like you're trading in a kidney, but worry not – we've got your back with some game-changing strategies. Get ready to make the most out of every experience without breaking the bank!

PS – Number three is my favorite!

Local Events and Free Activities

Discovering budget-friendly fun is like finding hidden treasures in your own backyard. Ever thought about turning a hobby into a money-saver? Picture this: invest in rollerblades or ice skates – a one-time splurge that unlocks endless outdoor adventures without ongoing costs.

local events and festivals

Now, let's dive into the local scene for more pocket-friendly thrills:

Community Events

Attend local festivals, outdoor events, or markets with either free entry or a nominal fee. These gatherings offer a good time without burning a hole in your wallet. Don’t pass up those big indoor expos. You'll find that the shopping is fun and you might be able to scoop up some fun freebies, too.

TIP: Bookmark your national or local event calendar on OTLCityGuides.com - events are updated in real time.

Parks and Trails

Explore your local parks and trails for free outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or picnicking. Nature's playground is open, and the price of admission? Zilch.

And here’s where you can get a great return on your investment in rollerblades or ice skates. If you live in a snow region, try cross-country skiing. It’s great exercise and a ton of fun!

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Library Events

Check out your local library for free events like book clubs, workshops, or storytelling sessions. It's a haven for both bookworms and budget-watchers. Plus, this idea is perfect for families. You can keep the kids unplugged and entertained for hours.

Volunteer for Tickets

Offer your time as a volunteer at events or shows in exchange for complimentary tickets. It's a win-win – you help out and enjoy the event on the house.

BYO Movie Night

Instead of shelling out for movie tickets, create a cozy home theater experience. Bring out the popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy a movie night without the hefty price tag.

local sports

Local Sports

Attend local high school or community sports games. It's not just budget-friendly; it's a great way to support local talent and feel the community spirit. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with minor league sports, a season ticket will keep you busy for months. And, you’ll love being a part of the excitement!

Art Galleries

Explore local art galleries, which often have free entry or donation-based admissions. It's a visual treat without the premium price tag. Art museums are ideal but, even if there aren’t any in your area, a small art gallery curates amazing collections.

Themed Potlucks

Host themed potluck dinners with friends. It's a cost-effective way to enjoy good food and company without footing the entire bill.

Since it’s a retro idea, why not kick them off with a retro-themed gathering? Foods of the 50s??

Discounted Group Rates

Many attractions offer discounted group rates. Team up with friends or family to enjoy collective savings on tickets to shows, museums, or amusement parks. Often, the magic number is only 10, so it’s doable if you have a posse.

Attend Open Mic Nights

Check out local open mic nights for live entertainment without the hefty ticket price. You might discover some hidden talents in your community. There are also plenty of bars, pubs, and restaurants that host comedy nights and if admission isn’t free, it’s probably in the 5.00 range.

Your community's a goldmine for budget-friendly entertainment. Check out those free or low-cost community events and festivals. And, dive into local parks, museums, or cultural spots, especially on discounted days. Trust me, your community calendar is the MVP here – guiding you to awesome, wallet-friendly happenings.

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Discount and Promotions

When it comes to unlocking budget-friendly adventures, staying in the know about discounts and promotions is your golden ticket.

First off, set up a Google Alert for your favorite shows, events, or venues. This nifty tool will notify you of any new promotions or discounts, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Next, broaden your search by checking affiliated websites like Military.com if you're in the armed forces or local teacher discount sites for faculty and staff. Many organizations offer exclusive deals for specific groups, and a quick online search can reveal a treasure trove of savings catered to your profile.

Bundle and Rewards

Affordable fun isn't just about scoring single discounts; it's about mastering the art of bundling. Keep an eye out for bundle deals or package offers that combine multiple activities or events at a discounted rate. Whether it's a themed weekend pass or a combo ticket for various attractions, bundling up can significantly slash your overall entertainment expenses.

Additionally, don't overlook your loyalty points or rewards programs. Some credit cards, apps, or even local businesses offer reward systems that can be redeemed for discounted or even free event tickets. It's like getting a bonus for your everyday spending.

Now, let's dish out five more crowd-pleasing ideas to maximize your event discounts and promotions:

Email Subscriptions

Sign up for newsletters and email subscriptions from your favorite venues or ticket platforms. They often send exclusive discounts or early-bird offers straight to your inbox.

Social Media Scouting

Follow event organizers and venues on social media platforms. They frequently drop exclusive promo codes or flash sales that can save you a pretty penny.

Student Discount

If you're a student, take advantage of student discounts. Many events offer reduced prices for students, so don't forget to flash that student ID.

Late Ticket Releases

Keep an eye on ticket releases closer to the event date. Sometimes, organizers will even release additional tickets or offer last-minute deals to fill up the venue.

Group Discounts

Plan outings with friends or family to take advantage of group discounts. Many events offer discounted rates for group bookings, making it a win-win for everyone.

By being proactive, exploring niche discounts, and mastering the art of bundling, you'll be on your way to a year filled with unforgettable events without the premium price tag.

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Subscription Services and Memberships

When it comes to stretching your entertainment budget, subscription services and memberships are the unsung heroes.

Seat Fillers Membership - Up to 4 Tickets

Dive into platforms like OTL Seat Fillers, a game-changer that not only offers free event tickets but transforms your downtime into a series of exciting experiences. (yes, I’m biased but I know you’ll agree!).

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Movie Subscriptions

For movie buffs, I personally recommend Cinemark’s monthly subscription. I’ve had it for years and share it with my nephew (who’s in college and can use some freebies). For about $10 a month, you get a free movie. Plus, if you don’t use it, you can accumulate it. So, wait a few months and the entire family can go to a prepaid movie.

Personally, though, I love the concessions discount. For me, a movie is all about the popcorn!

Be a Tourist at Home

It might be made for travelers, but who’s to say you can use a GoCity Pass in your own city? It’s a pass that allows you to visit multiple local attractions at a discounted rate and is an excellent way to explore and save money on admission fees.

Additionally, consider exploring niche subscriptions like local event memberships. These gems can provide exclusive access, early-bird ticket options, and even members-only events, ensuring you're always at the forefront of your city's entertainment scene. And, I mentioned it before, but don't overlook loyalty programs from your favorite venues, theaters, or event organizers. They often come with perks like discounts and exclusive deals, turning you into a VIP without the VIP price tag.

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Go Forth and Save Money on Things To Do in 2024!

As I wrap up this exploration into budget-friendly entertainment options, don't forget the ultimate goal for 2024: finding ingenious ways to save money on things to do. Whether it's investing in hobbies for ongoing, cost-effective enjoyment, discovering event discounts and promotions, or embracing subscription services tailored to your passions, each strategy is a deliberate step toward a more economically mindful and unforgettable year.

So, lace up those skates, mark those event dates, and immerse yourself in the multitude of opportunities to save money on things to do in 2024. Here's to a year filled with thrifty adventures and cherished memories!

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