Bringing Life to Empty Seats: The Advantages of Seat Filling for Event Organizers in Boston

Seat Filling in Boston

By Lu, OTL Seat Fillers

Allow me to acquaint you with the concept of seat filling in Boston, which differentiates itself from award show seat filling. However, it's worth acknowledging that award show producers are tapping into an interesting idea. The visual and auditory impact of a full audience, as opposed to scattered individuals amidst empty spaces, is undeniable.

Even if your event won't be broadcasted, does that really matter?

You still aspire to cultivate that same vibrant ambiance that emerges from a packed venue. The significance of every occupied seat contributes to the overall experience. This is precisely why I believe you'll be enthusiastic about the practice of seat filling in Boston.

A Partner of the Boston Arts and Entertainment Scene

From the outset, it's crucial to underline that Boston's seat filling service is entirely cost-free and always accessible through OTL Seat Fillers. OTL stands as a collaborator within the arts and entertainment community, focused on augmenting your audience while safeguarding your regular ticket sales.

What does this entail?

It means you won't find an exhaustive list of venues and events on the homepage of This extensive catalog remains tucked away within a private enclave exclusively accessible to seat fillers.

Furthermore, it signifies that partnering with OTL presents an avenue of gain without a hint of loss when you anticipate having some vacant spots.

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Advantages of Seat Filling in Boston

The enhancement of ambiance stands as the most apparent boon of a larger audience. However, seat filling can also be viewed as a source of revenue generation.

>> Seat fillers make purchases of food, beverages, and merchandise. They cover parking fees and sometimes accompany additional guests (above and beyond their complimentary ticket allocation).

>>Include seat fillers in your marketing list for upcoming shows. You already know they have an affinity for the kind of shows you're presenting!

Leveraging the Free Service

The win-win scenario is both transparent and uncomplicated.

  • When you anticipate vacant spots (typically between 4 to 40), inform OTL of the number of complimentary tickets you wish to extend.
  • OTL creates an exclusive posting for members, outlining show details, dress code, pickup instructions, and more.
  • Interested seat fillers make online reservations via the OTL member area.
  • OTL compiles the final reservation roster and forwards it to you approximately 6-8 hours prior to showtime.
  • Seat Fillers visit the box office, verify their identity, and collect their complimentary tickets directly from you.

>> No monetary transactions are involved.

>> You retain control over ticket distribution and seat assignments for seat fillers.

>> Seat fillers present their identification like any other attendee at the Will Call window – thus, no one else is privy to their free entry.

A Cascade of Wins.

Get Started Anytime

When you’re ready to give it a go, fill out the event submission form. OTL will contact you to confirm details before posting anything for the first time. 



Which kinds of shows and events can benefit from seat filling in Boston?

The spectrum of shows and events that OTL has extended to seat fillers is limitless. While plays, musicals, and comedy performances are predominant, seat fillers have attended sports events, concerts, festivals, lectures, burlesque shows, opera performances, ballets, symphonies, classes, expos, parties...

Are any shows exempt from this service?

To tap into the advantages of seat filling in Boston, there's one fundamental requirement – the opportunity provided to OTL seat fillers must possess intrinsic value. This signifies a ticket cost equivalent to what other attendees pay (with seat fillers gaining free admission) or an exclusive invitation to an event not open to the public.

What if I invite seat fillers and experience a surge in ticket sales?

If you extend tickets and OTL members secure reservations, these reservations must be honored. However, you can initiate with a modest quantity and then distribute additional tickets as the event date approaches to ensure comprehensive coverage – just in case.

How much advance notice should I give for requesting seat filling from OTL in Boston?

OTL generally occupies more seats with advanced notice. Therefore, around a week or so is optimal, but aim for a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Some organizers have distributed a limited number of tickets several weeks prior to establish the event listing and spark interest among seat fillers. Subsequently, as the event draws near, they release more tickets based on availability.