Nashville Seat Fillers

Free Pairs of Tickets for Fun Things to Do in Nashville - Theatre, Comedy, Music, Activities, and More!

seat fillers are on-call in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Seat Fillers Have Fun Things to Do!

When shows and events in the Nashville area (theatre, comedy, sport, music, etc.) have open seats or activities that aren't sold out, local seat fillers are privately invited.

OTL Nashville Seat Fillers are on-call, super-secret free ticket VIPs. Shhh... don't tell anyone!

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otl Nashville ON-CALL seat filler Memberships

Nashville is an "On-Call" Seat Filler location. There are fewer local opportunities compared to "Preferred" locations, so dues are much (much!) lower. But, even after Nashville upgrades to preferred status (after the membership grows and more shows and events are offered), your lower on-call dues will lock in for at least a year.


Seat Filling for 2


for 3 months

then $3.65/month


Cancel Anytime


Seat Filling for 4


for 3 months

then $5.55/month


Cancel Anytime

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OTL (aka On the List) supports the arts and entertainment community in Nashville

Seat Fillers in Nashville

OTL Seat Fillers introduces Nashville members to all kinds of fun shows, events, and opportunities. They get out of the house more and treat their family and friends without the worry of individual ticket prices. And, while those free tickets are the biggest perk, it's also just fun to see what pops up from time to time!

Nashville Event Promoters

Event promoters and marketing specialists have a free and private way to fill seats or attract new patrons. Theatre tickets are offered more than anything else. However, OTL isn't limited to traditional shows! Comedy, music, sports, virtual events, fairs and festivals, conferences, movies, escape rooms, golf, classes, pretty much anything goes!

How It Works

Pick a 2 or 4-seat plan

Register, setting up a username and password for the private VIP-only area

When a show pops up that you want to attend, make a reservation in the private VIP area

Pick up your complimentary tickets at the Box Office right before the show

You and your guest(s) are seated together

Repeat for other shows you want to attend (but please understand that, as a seat fillers club, events won't always be available)

*Keep in mind that Nashville is an on-call seat-filling location, meaning occasional opportunities instead of regular events in the area.

Thanks for having such a great service!  I have experienced so many cool events and none of which I would have thought to go to without my membership.  You have successfully removed me from my seat at home and placed me in a considerably more entertaining seat! 

– E.R., Atlanta area seat filler

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be a seat filler in Nashville?

OTL Seat Fillers has evolved the awards show seat fillers concept for community seat filling in Nashville and across the US and London. Becoming a local seat filler is as easy as getting in line at

What's the difference between an awards-show seat filler and a local seat filler, like in Nashville?

Even though it can be fun, seat fillers for award shows (Academy Awards, Grammys, etc.) are there to do a job. They temporarily fill empty seats for celebrities. While OTL Seat Fillers might not be sitting amongst the stars, they get to enjoy the show. Seat Fillers receive pairs of free tickets by private invitation from OTL's community venue partners, and they're treated just like every other audience member.

What types of shows do OTL Nashville seat fillers attend?

OTL seat fillers are invited to a wide variety of community events, but theatre tickets are the most common. In addition to plays, musicals, comedy shows, and music events, they've also attended sporting events, classes, wine tastings, escape rooms, movies and film screenings, book signings, lectures, and more.

How much do seat fillers in the Nashville area pay for tickets?

The answer is zero. OTL Nashville seat fillers never pay for any tickets. Their incredibly low monthly membership dues (less than $5.00) cover all tickets for the member and guests(s).

What are the benefits of seat filling in Nashville, Tennessee?

Seat fillers in Nashville belong to the most entertaining club around. Not only do they receive free admission to fun things to do, but they get to treat their family and friends, too. While comp tickets are the biggest benefit, it's exciting to see what pops up unexpectedly. 'Seat fillers also love being introduced to new shows and events that they might not have been aware of without being a local seat filler.

Why do representatives from Nashville area shows, events, and activities use local seat fillers?

Teaming up with OTL Seat Fillers is effective partnership marketing and a free, private, and easy way to fill seats. But seat fillers do more than just fill those seats. They buy food, beverages, and merchandise, bring guests above and beyond their seat-filling privileges, and tend to return to venues they love (even without comp tickets!). Additionally, seat fillers check in for their comp tickets upon arrival, so it's a great way to build a marketing list for future events.

How do event promoters and marketers take advantage of seat-filling in the Nashville area?

Anyone who wants to work with OTL and extend invitations to seat fillers simply fills out an online event submission form on to provide the basics. The opportunity is then posted in the private members-only area, and a reservation list is compiled and sent to the venue.