What Are Seat Fillers (and Where?)

Maybe you've heard about seat fillers at awards shows in LA.

But these days, no event or location is off-limits to seat filling.

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The Secret Seat Filling Mission

by Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

Most people have heard of seat fillers but don't usually pay too much attention. After all, if you're not one of the lucky few in Los Angeles who can "sit-in" for celebrities at awards shows, you're out of luck.


Today's seat fillers have a new mission - "get out and enjoy local entertainment and treat your family and friends to free tickets, too!"

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Seat Filling from the Promoter's Perspective

The seat filling mission might sound too good to be true. But, think about it. An empty chair doesn't do anyone any good. Entertainers love to perform to a full house. And, even if the venue secretly gives away a few comps, seat fillers tend to buy drinks or other concessions. They still pay for parking like everyone else, and maybe a program or t-shirt.

Over our 7+ years of managing OTL (aka On the List), we've also found that our members appreciate free tickets. But they also love to be introduced to amazing new shows and venues they'd never experienced before.

Members have shared stories of volunteering or even becoming regular patrons.

So, from an event promoter's perspective, seat filling is an easy and effective marketing tool.

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What Are Seat Fillers and What Do They Do?

If you flipped through our Google Web Story at the top of the page, you now know that community seat fillers are different from the awards show participants.

Members of OTL and other community seat-filling clubs pay to participate. But the membership dues are low, low, low...  And that's no exaggeration. A month of dues, which includes 100% free tickets for two people per show or event costs about as much as two lattes.

Depending on where you live, you could be paying less than $5 or £5 a month!

The affordability is just the start, though.

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Other Facts About Seat Fillers

  • Local members attend all kinds of shows and events in their own hometown. Theatre is number one, so quite a few plays and musicals pop up in most cities. But other opportunities include music, sports, comedy, activities, burlesque, dance, classes, and more.
  • Memberships cover two or four tickets per event, depending on the plan. But seat fillers get to share the love by inviting guests and treating them to free tickets.
  • OTL members aren't filling seats for someone else. They're filling them, period. There's no moving around like at awards shows. The secret mission is to enjoy the show just like every other paying patron.
  • A club like OTL isn't a ticket broker. That means that there aren't always events. But part of the fun of participating is seeing what pops up out of the blue. And, unlike with ticket brokers, OTL members aren't pulling out a credit card to make reservations, as all tickets are comped.
  • Ticket reservations are made in the member area, but the venues handle ticket distribution. So, there are no extra trips needed. Seat Fillers present their ID at the Will Call Window and pick up their comps right before the show.
  • No seats are required as today's seat filling extends to all kinds of opportunities. They don't necessarily have to be traditional events. Classes, services, and non-traditional events are also part of the fun.

Where are Seat Fillers?

I mentioned that living in Los Angeles isn't a requirement. In fact, OTL and other community clubs, like Plugin Vegas and Seat Stir, don't cover LA.

However, pretty much everywhere else is on the table. Free tickets are secretly up for grabs all across the US and in London.

OTL has a variety of membership plans based on location. Preferred cities are the busiest, while On-call locations are just getting rolling. Then, the dues switch from dollars to pounds, crossing the pond.

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