Is OTL Spotlight the same thing as OTL Seat Fillers?

Yes and no. OTL Spotlight is under the OTL umbrella, but the services are entirely separate.

What is OTL Spotlight?

Whether you're a die-hard supporter, a mastermind promoter, or a rising star, OTL Spotlight is your rendezvous with destiny in the realm of arts and entertainment! From heavy metal to ballet, adult comedy to kids' shows, ignite your enthusiasm, connect with like-minded souls, and let Spotlight redefine the art of experiencing and sharing entertainment.  It's a platform where fans can find things to do and access arts and entertainment information all in one spot. For promoters and artists, it's a space to self-promote without the worry of monitoring another page and platform. OTL Spotlight can link to your social media page, online shop, YouTube video, website, or anywhere else you want additional traffic.

Can I buy tickets on OTL Spotlight?

OTL Spotlight has a dedicated section for ticket sales but doesn't sell tickets directly. The links provided in the tickets section will take you to the venue's or artist's preferred ticket sales platform so you can buy directly from them.

What types of things will I find on OTL Spotlight?

Pretty much anything goes in the arts and entertainment realm on OTL Spotlight. Promoters and artists can put the spotlight on anything they want from music downloads to ballet season schedules to awesome tour merchandise. OTL has dedicated sections to entertainment news, tickets, schedules, tour dates, auditions, music, merchandise, and discounts.

I'm an artist. What's the charge for posting my information on Spotlight?

ZERO. OTL never charges entertainers or promoters for any of its services. You can post on Spotlight, request seat fillers through OTL Seat Fillers, and add your info to the local and national event calendars on OTL City Guides – and all 3 services are free.

How can I use OTL Spotlight to promote my client - a touring comic?

You can submit information that will end up on a few different pages. OTL can publicize the tour schedule. You can provide a YouTube highlights video for the Spotlight page. If you're selling tickets or merch, we suggest promoting that as well.

What's the difference between Spotlight and a social media page?

OTL Spotlight is more like a website marketplace than a social media page. Artists and venues can direct fans to their social media pages and post all kinds of helpful information, from schedules to videos to ticket links and merchandise for sale. Unlike a social media page, users don't have to monitor for comments and questions, so it's not as time-consuming. There's also no need to swap out or post new content regularly (but it's always an option, too!).

Who can submit postings to OTL Spotlight?

The Spotlight is on arts and entertainment of all types and genres. Symphony, rap, plays, musicals, comedy, special events, family activities, up-and-coming artists, established acts, tours, theatres, comedy clubs, music venues, festivals... Post a sneak peek at your new song or upload an entire video. A ballet, opera, theatre, or symphony schedule? Yes! We want them all on OTL Spotlight. If you sell arts and entertainment merchandise, you're welcome to use the platform. The more you provide, the more the fans will stay in the know!