Where Can I Find Ticket Discounts?

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Shows and Ticket Discounts Are Back!

The Slow and Steady (?) Return of Live Events

We’ve been isolated for 18 months, and the idea of unplugging and getting away from streaming entertainment is appealing.

A musical, play, concert, comedy show, they just don’t translate as well to the virtual world. Some shows are custom-made for live audiences, and that applies to both the entertainers and the patrons.

Questions and Answers

But, aside from mask requirements, social distancing, and vaccinations, there are a few lingering questions:

  • Are live events back?
  • How can I fit some relatively high event ticket prices into my budget?

Those two things prompt so many of us to search online for ticket discounts. After all, 20 or 25% off can add up, especially if you’re buying more than one seat or admission.

Google Trends on Ticket Discounts

We thought we’d have a little fun with this and look at Google Trends for the search for “ticket discounts.” Most of OTL’s Preferred Seat Filler Cities overlap with the blue areas. But what’s going on in Denver and Seattle?

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Google Trends Report – Ticket Discount Searches in the US

Us LocationInterest in Ticket Discounts
New Jersey100
North Carolina76
New York66

Steady Increase in Google Searches for Ticket Discounts in the UK

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Good News Regarding Ticket Discounts

So, we’ve got some good news, some more good news, and then, let’s throw in one more piece of good news as the cherry on top.

1.  Live events and activities are slowly coming back – and quite a few venues are planning for Fall 2021 performances.

2. Seat Filling is also coming back, and that means that ticket discounts for members of clubs like OTL Seat Fillers are 100% off!

3. On top of low membership dues (some plans are just 3.65 a month), OTL offers additional discounts for the military, seniors, first responders, educators, and students.

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Free Tickets are Better Than Ticket Discounts

With seat filling coming back, a better question would be “When and how can I get my hands on free tickets?” instead of “where can I get ticket discounts?”

Now we’ll get to a few other handy resources for buying tickets soon because seat filling supplements leisure time instead of providing the whole enchilada.

But let’s start with free because we’re boldly assuming that, when given a choice, you’ll take 0.00 over 20.00, 50.00, or even more.

A Hidden Free Tickets Club

Here at OTL Seat Fillers, we’ve accepted that our mission is to let people know that seat filling isn’t just for awards shows anymore. We’ve had active membership clubs across the US and UK for more than seven years and are still a well-kept secret.


We can’t advertise the names of our incredible entertainment partners. That’s because if we promoted that we had comp tickets to this particular musical or that one-night-only concert, it would hurt regular ticket sales for the venues. So, seat filling is a secret mission.

Why Google Seat Fillers?

Instead, we stick to promoting seat filling in general. And, if you’re not even aware of seat fillers, then why would you Google them, right?

The answer is to find out how YOU can get in on 100% ticket discounts. (Take note – 100% off = FREE).

So, step one in stretching your entertainment budget is to join a seat filler club such as OTL Seat Fillers, Plugin Vegas, or Seat Stir.

Step two? Take advantage of a myriad of ticket discounts.

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Where to Find Ticket Discounts?

As live entertainment slowly returns, you’ll find that ticket availability hit and miss.

OTL Seat Fillers is in touch with hundreds of event partners in the US and London. What we’re seeing is a small percentage of venues that are getting back to business in the summer of 2021, but with limited capacity.

Looking Ahead

Unless new COVID restrictions emerge, you should find a much more entertaining fourth quarter, but probably not to the extent you were used to in the pre-pandemic world.

So, as far as big bargains, the situation is similar to airlines. There’s more of a demand, so prices fall in line.

That doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck, though.

Who Are You?

Are you a member of the military? Or, are you a senior citizen, a teacher, student, first responder?

If so, then you’ve got some sites that cater specifically to you.

AARP (Senior Citizens)Discounts through Ticketmaster and Live Nation

ID.me (Teachers)Variety of sports and entertainment tickets

Student Beans (Students in the US and UK) – Leans more toward sports ticket discounts

Badge Discounts (First Responders)Discounts on movies and attractions

Vet Tix (Military and Veterans)Free and discount tickets

Other Ways to Score Ticket Discounts

It’s a big, beautiful world out there, and you’re sure to run across ticket discounts from all kinds of sources. But we’ve got a few other suggestions that are sure things.

  1. Join a Movie Club like Cinemark Rewards – For only $10 a month, you get one free ticket included. But you can also claim additional ticket discounts, and your popcorn and drink will cost you much less than non-members.
  1. Employee Discounts – If you work for a major corporation, university, or other big business, you might have all kinds of ticket discounts at your disposal. All you have to do is contact human resources or ask some co-workers.
  1. Bargains for Locals – This particular idea won’t work for everyone, as it depends on your hometown. But a place like Las Vegas has all kinds of ticket deals for locals. Unless you’re a resident, you wouldn’t be aware of them. But even some Las Vegans aren’t aware of everything available. So, Google the phrase “discounts for (Las Vegas) locals,” and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.
  1. Smaller Ticket Sales WebsitesTicketmaster is top-notch for big-ticket events. But did you know that tickets for fairs, festivals, and local theater troupes are more commonly found on sites like the brand new OTL City Guides Tickets?
  1. Start with a Community Events Calendar – Your local community events calendar is a fantastic resource for local event tickets. We’ve got local and national (US and UK) event calendars powered by Evvnt on OTL City Guides. You can click to buy tickets through outlets like Brown Paper Tickets and Event Brite when you see something you like.
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More Than Ticket Discounts

Our list just scratches the surface of where you can find free tickets and ticket discounts. Be sure to check out what OTL Seat Fillers is all about and bookmark OTL City Guides. You’ll find handy links to local ticketing sites and the event calendars we mentioned above within the guides.

OTL City Guides are different than most sites as we keep it all positive. You’ll also find food, fun, and ideas for your best life ever. Take it, leave it, but we’re not out to criticize; just share!