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Are You Curious About How Seat Filling Works?

We'll fill you in on how the modern concept works for both seat fillers and event promoters.

How Seat Filling Works - the Benefits

As we discuss how seat filling works, you’ll want to know that we’re specifically referring to OTL Seat Fillers.

We want to point out that there are actually three types of seat filling:

  1. Awards Show
  2. Big Entertainment Markets
  3. Community

OTL is the third type (community), and it’s the most inclusive. You’ll find OTL Seat Filling opportunities across the US and in London, with expansion planned over the next few years. So, you don’t need to live in LA or NYC to take advantage of free tickets and private invitations.

A Few Seat Filling Benefits

Seat Filling for OTL Seat FillersSeat Filling for OTL Event Promoter and Marketing Partners
Introduced to all kinds of new entertainmentUnique approach to event marketing
Super-affordable all-inclusive monthly duesTurnkey - OTL takes reservations and sends a will call list to the promoters or box offices
No commitment - cancel anytimeA free service (no money exchanged - but tickets must be 100% free for seat fillers)
Guests are included (and also receive free tickets)OTL doesn't handle tickets; seat fillers pick them up at the venue
Fun to see what pops up out of the blueIncreased food, beverage, and merchandise sales
No special trips needed - tickets picked up right before the eventIntroduce your awesome show or activity to new patrons
OTL for Seat FillersOTL for Event Promoters
online reservations for seat fillers

So, How Does Seat Filling Work for the Seat Fillers?

Although it’s a simple concept, we can see how you might have quite a few questions if seat filling is new to you. So, we want to take you on a step-by-step journey through the process.

First and foremost, OTL Seat Fillers never pay for tickets. You won’t be entering a private member’s area filled with discounted tickets. Anything that you reserve through OTL is 100% complimentary.

OTL Seat Fillers don’t receive discounts – they receive FREE tickets!
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You have a choice of OTL Seat Fillers memberships, and pricing depends on four factors but is in the $13.99 range per month (all tickets included).

  1. US or UK?
  2. Specific US location (some markets are OTL Preferred (busier), while the rest are On-Call cites)
  3. Two or four tickets per event
  4. Discounts for military, veterans, seniors, first responders, teachers, and students

Once you register, you’ll have immediate access to the OTL member area. That’s where you’ll find handy links to manage your account, past and current reservations, member services, etc.

The member area is also where you’ll find current ticket availability.

Online Reservations

When something pops up in your area that you want to take advantage of, you’ll make an online reservation right from your OTL Seat Fillers member area.

It’s a quick process to select the specific event and performance date and the number of tickets you want to reserve. Then, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the particular ticket pick-up information. The event will also appear in your list of reservations so that you can double-check on it at any time.

seat fillers tickets, free tickets for seat fillers

How to Pick Up Tickets at the Venue

The seat filling process is handled through OTL until it’s time for the show, event, or activity. That’s when the reservation list is turned over to the promoter or venue.

Seat filling is like a private spy mission. You’re there covertly to fill seats. So, when you arrive, present your ID just like every other paying patron. You’ll receive your comps without fanfare. Just don’t discuss that your tickets are free. The person behind you might be paying 10, 50, or even 100 for theirs.

You’ll find that nothing is out of the ordinary at the venue. You’re treated just like everyone else. Your party is seated together, and, unlike awards shows, you’re not moving around. The mission includes enjoying the show. So, sit back, relax, clap loud, and buy some concessions or merchandise to support the venue.

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Seat Filling Works Just as Easy for Promoters

If you’re promoting a show, event, activity, or service, you’ll find that OTL Seat Filling is one of the easiest tools in your marketing toolbox. It’s free, fast, easy, and effective.

A Few Minutes to Seat Filling Success

The most time-consuming task as an OTL partner is getting the ball rolling. Even so, it’ll take you less than ten minutes.

When you request seat filling for the first time, it’s handy for OTL to have all of your information. That includes your website, emails for the reservation lists, your preferred dress code for patrons, etc. You’ll find event submission forms in the event promoter’s section of OTL Seat Fillers.

Once you provide the basics, a simple email update will do for subsequent events.

The Seat Filling Process

  1. Let OTL know how many comp tickets (or opportunities) you want to offer to seat fillers privately
  2. OTL creates an event posting for members (published in the private members-only area)
  3. Interested members make reservations
  4. A complete reservation list is compiled and sent to you or your box office on the day of the event
  5. You distribute the comp tickets based on the will call list
seat filling for classes, seat fillers for classes

How Seat Filling Works for Non-Ticketed Opportunities

Today’s seat filling concept goes well beyond traditional ticketed events. If you have a class or service, or something outside the realm of show tickets to offer, the process is the same.

OTL will still compile a list for you so that you can manage the process on-site. Or, you can even provide a reservation code or other information, and OTL will make sure that members know what to do from there.

Events for All!

We here at OTL love to support arts and entertainment. It's exciting to hear stories about members' first time at the opera or how a seat filler loved a small venue so much, that she became a dedicated volunteer.

Whether you opt to be a seat filler or not, be sure to check out our event calendars powered by Evvnt on the OTL City Guides. We've got national and local calendars in the US and UK, so you'll never run out of things to do. And, if you have something to promote, you can do that as well.

Community seat filling through clubs like OTL Seat Fillers is a free service for the arts and entertainment community. Promoters and marketers receive a will-call list and distribute their own tickets. It's an easy, private, and effective way to introduce new patrons to the show and increase F & B and merchandise sales.

Most of today's modern-day seat filling isn't taking place at awards shows. Instead, seat fillers join clubs like OTL Seat Fillers, SeatStir, or PluginVegas. Members pay low monthly dues for the opportunity to claim pairs of free tickets to incredible local events (theatre, comedy, music, and much more!). Seat Fillers make reservations online and pick up their tickets from the venue right before the show.

Community seat fillers through membership clubs like OTL, PluginVegas, or SeatStir don't pay anything for tickets. They pay low membership dues in the $10-$15/month range and all tickets are included.

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