New Resources For Tickets in Atlanta

You're familiar with the top ticket brokers

But we've got three other resources for you to consider.

Three Sources for Atlanta Tickets You Might Not Have Considered

Events in Atlanta, tickets in Atlanta, activities in Atlanta, everyone is always looking for things to do. They’re popular online searches and tend to yield similar results.

However, a Google search doesn’t think outside the box (well, at least not yet). But we here at OTL Seat Fillers feel like we’ve got a few helpful tips to share. After all, OTL Seat Fillers have been in Atlanta for more than seven years. Plus, we’ve now launched the new Atlanta Tickets powered by Evvnt.

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Free Atlanta Tickets Through OTL Seat Fillers

An ad for free tickets doesn’t always conjure up the best feelings. While we love the concept of not having to pay for things, doesn’t quality suffer when the price tag is zero?

Not always.

That’s because OTL Seat Fillers receive free Atlanta tickets that are only free for them.

A 100% Seat Filler Discount

The price tag might be zero for seat fillers. But other patrons standing in the same will call line are paying 10.00, 20.00, 50.00, or even 100.00+ per ticket.

To be fair, OTL members have the privilege of comp tickets because they pay membership dues. But dues are as little as 4.00 a month, and that’s it. From there, anything that pops up for seat fillers is free.

Pairs of Free Tickets are Better Than Singles

Oh, and the icing on the seat filling cake is that membership dues aren’t covering just for one ticket or a single event. OTL Seat Fillers have two-seat or four-seat memberships. And, they can attend as many things as they’d like based on availability.

Treat your guests to free tickets in Atlanta as well!

OTL City Guides Atlanta Tickets Provides the Unexpected

Number two on our list of local ticket resources includes smaller websites. These are sites that might not feature the biggest concert tours. However, they have plenty of tickets for fantastic local entertainment.

We, at OTL, love promoting regional arts and entertainment communities through our seat fillers club. That’s why we’re excited to expand our services through the new OTL City Guides Atlanta Tickets powered by Evvnt.

Instead of keeping the list of our event partners secret, as we do with OTL Seat Fillers, we get to shine a spotlight on them through Atlanta Tickets.

Promoting Events and Selling Tickets

Event promoters in Atlanta have a free, full-service ticketing portal. It allows them to build a custom web page, real-time access to reporting, tickets by text or email, and on-site scanning through a dedicated app.

It’s particularly beneficial to smaller venues or organizations on a budget (especially after the extended Coronavirus-driven hiatus). Even though there's no cost to use the service, Atlanta Tickets provides ticket sellers with dedicated ticket sales pages backed by modern ticketing technology.

It takes just a few minutes to get the ball rolling with full-service touchless ticketing.

All Tickets are in the Atlanta Area

For ticket buyers, there’s also a benefit to this new concept. Unlike some other top-notch ticket sites like Brown Paper Tickets and EventBrite (which you should also have on your go-to list), Atlanta Tickets is city-specific.

If you live in Atlanta, you don’t want to sift through endless lists of shows and events in other major markets. Instead, you want to get right to it, locating theater tickets in your neighborhood or a hilarious comedian performing at a downtown club.

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Tickets in Atlanta Day by Day

We’ve covered free seat filler tickets and some of the smaller ticket websites outside of the Ticketmaster and Stub Hub realm.

Our third recommended way to quickly get your hands on the best tickets in Atlanta is through community event calendars.

The primary purpose of community calendars is to highlight local events. Most include search tools, narrowing the list to specific types of entertainment and activities. However, event calendars don’t just lead you to events. They also clue you in on how to buy tickets.

The Best Variety of Things to Do

One of the benefits of ticket shopping via community calendars is the variety of opportunities. Yes, you’ll find plenty of the expected, like plays, musicals, comedy shows, sports, and music events. But you’ll also come across some pleasant surprises. There are conferences and expos, book signings, classes, lectures, demonstrations, and other fun activities that you might not have previously considered.

Many media companies (radio stations, newspapers, etc.) provide community event calendars. We also have local and national versions powered by Evvnt on Those nationwide versions cover the US and the UK and include those handy dandy links to purchase tickets directly from the venue or organization.