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Seat Filler Tickets or Discount Tickets: What's the Difference?

Seat Filler Tickets? Discount Tickets?

by Lu, OTL Seat Fillers

Are you a fan of live entertainment, from Broadway-style shows to hilarious comics? Do you enjoy the thrill of a surprise, or do you prefer planning your evenings in advance? In the world of event ticketing, there’s a little competition between two distinct options for live entertainment taking center stage: seat filler tickets or discount tickets.

  • Seat filler tickets are available through the OTL Seat Fillers Club in select cities in the US and in London.
  • Discount tickets are sold online and offline. They're available through various retailers like Groupon, directly through the venue, and through discount programs like employee perks.

These options offer unique experiences, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. So, in this blog post, we'll explore the key differences between seat filler tickets and discount tickets. We'll put the focus on cost, ticket fees, and the element of surprise.

The Price Factor: OTL Seat Filler Tickets Are Free

One of the most significant differences between seat filler tickets and discount tickets is the cost. Seat filler tickets through are 100% free. That's right—no upfront ticket cost, no hidden fees, and no need to break the bank to enjoy a night out. And, just so there’s no confusion – these are tickets that have a value and a cost to the general public. The tickets could even be worth $100 or £100 or more apiece, but seat fillers receive them for free.

This is a major selling point for many budget-conscious individuals and entertainment enthusiasts looking for a more affordable way to attend live events.

>>Not only are seat filler tickets free, but 2 and 4-seat plans allow you to treat up to three guests using your free ticket privileges.

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Discount Ticket Costs

In contrast, discount tickets may come with a reduced price, but they still require payment. Depending on the show, the venue, and demand, these tickets can range from moderately affordable to quite expensive.

Additionally, don't forget to factor in ticket fees, which can add a significant amount to the overall cost. For those on a tight budget, these additional expenses can be a deal-breaker.

Discount Tickets: Choice and Planning

Discount tickets offer something that seat filler tickets can't: choice and planning. When you opt for discount tickets, you can search for specific events, dates, and seats. This means you have the luxury of picking out the shows you're most excited to see, securing your spot in advance, and even choosing your preferred seating.

Online and offline discount ticket outlets (SeatGeek, LivingSocial, etc.) provide you with a range of options to explore. You can browse various events, compare prices, and select the ones that best fit your schedule and preferences. This level of control over your entertainment plans is appealing if you like to have everything neatly organized and want to ensure you see your favorite acts.

Seat Filler Tickets: The Element of Surprise

On the other hand, seat filler tickets offer an element of surprise that discount tickets simply can't replicate. When you sign up with a service like OTL Seat Fillers, you enter a world of spontaneity and excitement. Seat fillers are individuals who help fill empty seats at events. And, in return, they get to enjoy those shows for free and treat their guests, too.

The catch with seat filler tickets is that you never know exactly what’s available until a few weeks or even a few days before the performance. However, this can lead to unexpected gems and the chance to discover new artists or shows you might not have considered otherwise. If you're open to surprises and enjoy the thrill of spontaneity, seat filler tickets offer a unique and thrilling way to experience live entertainment.

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Conclusion: Seat Fillers or Discount Tickets?

In the end, the choice between seat filler tickets and discount tickets comes down to personal preferences and priorities. Seat filler tickets are a fantastic option for those seeking free admission to events and who are willing to embrace the element of surprise. They can lead to unforgettable experiences and unexpected discoveries.

On the other hand, discount tickets are perfect for those who prefer to plan their entertainment schedule meticulously. They're also the way to go if you want to see specific shows without uncertainty. While they may come with a cost, they offer the benefit of choice and flexibility.

Whichever option you choose, both seat filler tickets and discount tickets offer unique ways to enjoy live entertainment. It ultimately depends on your personality and what you value most when it comes to your event-going experience. Whether you're all about spontaneity or enjoy a well-planned night out, there's a ticketing option that's perfect for you.

And, hey, who says you have to choose one over the other?