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OTL Seat Fillers Media & PR

OTL Seat Fillers Media & PR

Award Show Seat Fillers Fill Seats FOR VIPs

OTL Seat Fillers BECOME the VIPs

  • Arts and entertainment communities in the US and London have a free, private, and easy way to expand their audiences and recoup some food and beverage income lost from empty seats.

  • OTL Seat Fillers (aka VIP Squad members) pay nothing more than low membership dues for up to 4 tickets per event. It’s an effective way to stretch an entertainment budget - especially in today’s economy.

OTL is all about entertainment. So, instead of a conventional press release, we're taking a more entertaining approach to "for immediate release." All information and assets on this page are approved for reposting and republishing. If you need further information, please contact us.

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Details About OTL Seat Fillers

Benefits for the Arts & Entertainment Community

How OTL Seat Filling Works for Shows and Events

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About OTL Seat Fillers

We hope you’re excited to share information about the ultimate entertainment experience, especially in today's economy. With low membership dues, up to four free tickets per event, and a new way to support arts and entertainment communities, OTL Seat Fillers is a win-win!

OTL Seat Fillers is a family-run membership club that’s been offering seat filling across the US and in London for nine years, and just recently launched in Los Angeles.

Benefits for Members – aka “seat fillers”

OTL Seat Filler Members:

- pay nothing more than low membership dues (averaging $11.99/month) for up to 4 tickets per event

- have an effective way to stretch an entertainment budget – especially in today’s economy

- will receive invites to a variety of fun things to do – plays, musicals, comedy shows, festivals, films, music, sports, and the list goes on…

benefits of seat filling in Los Angeles

Benefits for Partners – comedy clubs, theaters, music venues, sports teams, festivals, movie theaters, etc…

Private – OTL never publicizes the names of its partners so regular ticket sales aren’t impacted

Free – Partners provide free tickets for seat fillers but never pay for the service

Easy – OTL compiles a reservation list and members check in at the box office right before the show

Revenue Generating – Seat fillers are like other audience members, buying food, cocktails, merchandise, and paying for parking

How OTL Seat Fillers and Seat Filling Works:

  1. Entertainment partners let OTL know how many comp tickets they’d like to privately issue to OTL Seat Filler members.
  2. OTL posts the opportunity in the members-only area.
  3. Interested seat fillers make reservations.
  4. OTL sends the reservation list to the venue on the day of the event for Will Call.
  5. Members present their ID at the Will Call window to pick up their (complimentary) tickets.

Media & PR Assets and More Information

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