• 3 months of seat filling (all tickets included)
  • 2 or 4 seats per show
  • For gift recipients who live in the Chicago, Illinois area

Chicago Seat Filler Gifts

Select one of the three Chicago seat filler gifts below. You can send it to your email or right to your gift recipient (issued instantly).

preferred seat filler gifts

For gift recipients who live in the Chicago area



3 months

2 seats per show


non-refundable gift

grand gift


3 months

4 seats per show


non-refundable gift



3 months

2 seats per show


Discounted for gift recipients who are seniors, military, first responders, teachers, or students

non-refundable gift

Benefits of a Chicago Seat Filler Gift

When you give the gift of seat filling through OTL, you have an incredibly unique present that's instantly issued.

OTL Seat Filler Gifts

  • All-inclusive - all tickets included
  • Covers guests, too - two and four-seat memberships are available
  • Theatre, music, comedy, more
  • Seat Fillers can attend any of the shows listed in the member area (ideal for members who travel)
  • Provides your gift recipient with a lower membership dues renewal rate (but there's no commitment; they can also cancel at any time)
  • A valuable gift that's affordable

Want to know more about OTL gifts before you make a purchase? Visit our Seat Filler Gifts blog page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chicago seat filler gifts?

OTL Seat Filler gifts for Chicago area residents are all-inclusive memberships to OTLSeatFillers.com. Members are local seat fillers and receive private invitations to local shows and events. They get to attend (for free!) with up to three guests. While other patrons could be spending something like 50.00 a ticket, OTL Seat Fillers always receive complimentary admission.

Are Chicago seat fillers limited to shows in their area?

No. Members of OTL Seat Fillers can reserve tickets to ANY event, regardless of location. So, seat fillers are secret free ticket VIPs when they travel, too!

What type of shows do seat fillers in the Chicago area attend?

Being a member of a seat filler club isn't like buying tickets from a ticket broker. It's always a surprise what will pop up as it depends on the needs of local venues. However, the fun of it is being able to attend those events without buying any tickets, as they're included in a seat filler membership or gift membership. Theater tickets tend to be offered more than anything else, but comedy, music, and special events are also popular in Chicago.

How do I buy a seat filler gift?

Easy-peasy! Just visit OTLSeatFillers.com/gifts. Your gift certificate is instantly issued and emailed directly to you OR your gift recipient (your choice!).