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How To Get Discount Tickets to Christmas Shows

Discount Tickets to Christmas Shows? They're Possible.

by Celeste González, Contributing Writer

The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing with it a slew of limited-time deals ranging from once-a-year products and drinks to seasonal events, concerts, and activities. So what better way to kick off the festivities than with discounted tickets to various Christmas shows?

To be quite honest, the Christmas season is when people tend to spend the most on gift-giving, decorations, and holiday festivities. So, it never hurts to save where you can, like with discount tickets to shows like The Nutcracker. Acquiring tickets to such popular events at a low cost can be challenging… but it’s not impossible.

Where To Start Your Search

More often than not, the stress of searching for discounted tickets can be lessened with a simple online search. Online apps like Groupon, Goldstar, and Gametime are just some of the many resources at your fingertips.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, event venues sometimes offer reasonably priced tickets if you buy directly. Or you might come across a promoter that provides some form of discount in exchange for a free sign-up to their rewards/membership program.

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Five Ideas for Christmas Show Discounts

The following are five ideas I have for possible Christmas show discounts. Opportunities will vary based on where you live, though.

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The discount site will typically offer at least 20% off by simply signing up to receive their promotional emails. Groupon's discounts vary depending on location, and events tend to be a big category. If you don’t see something that catches your eye, you might want to check out deals in nearby areas if you're willing to commute and make a day of it!


This app is a little more diverse in terms of the types of events it offers tickets for, whether it's a theater performance or a sporting event. Using Gametime is quite simple, with easy-to-find dates and locations of events, as well as suggestions regarding the most affordable dates to attend. This app also provides a price match if you locate the same offer elsewhere at a lower price.

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On Goldstar’s main page, the categories are separated at the top. Holiday events are typically found in the first tab, and "special offers" is one of the categories that follows. From there, you can see what is available in your city and how much of a percentage the discount is, as well as a description of what comes with the deal. The only disadvantage I've discovered is that this program is only available in select areas of the United States.

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Mailing Lists

A simpler approach for those who are particularly interested in local productions is to sign up for your preferred theater's mailing list or email newsletter subscription. This will allow you to know what events are approaching and can help you plan accordingly. You might even get a special offer from time to time, like an invitation to a preview performance or special matinee.

Amateur Isn't Always

Another option that offers a unique experience is tickets to amateur productions. While major productions run upwards of $100 dollars, tickets for amateur productions are relatively cheaper. You’ll also find you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the show. Even high school productions can be top-notch and incredibly entertaining

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No, Not Discount Tickets… These Tickets are Free

I've given you a few options for saving money on holiday shows, but I have one more.

OTL Seat Fillers isn't your go-to for cheap tickets, but it should be on your radar. That's because OTL members get completely free tickets to shows that everyone else has to pay for – and sometimes really big bucks!

You’ll find that OTL is a one-of-a-kind seat-filling service. It’s nothing like the ticket outlets I mentioned previously. So, members receive private invitations and free admission only when shows aren't sold out. That means Christmas shows may not be available as their hot tickets. However, OTL is a great option for anyone who enjoys plays, musicals, comedy shows, and other events throughout the year. For the price of a single movie ticket, you get two free tickets to live shows when the venues have some open seats.

Discount Tickets to Christmas Shows and Free Tickets the Rest of the Time

I hope that these options have allowed you to see the number of great opportunities for discounts on Christmas shows in your area. But if you’re thinking long-term, then remember that OTL seat filling isn't a once-a-year type of service. So, if you just love entertainment and are interested in free tickets, check to see if OTL is in your area.

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