Grand theatre stage with velvet curtains, ornate proscenium arch, and actors in period costumes performing a play. The audience is visible, engaged in the performance.

A Flair for the Dramatic

Two children wearing t-shirts with the text "Hello, I'm a Theatre Kid" printed on them, taking a selfie.
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Woman wearing a purple t-shirt with text inspired by the musical "Wicked," smiling outdoors.
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Claim your spot under the spotlight - it's free! Submit.
Claim your spot under the spotlight - it's free! Submit.

Czech Centre in London

Czech Centre - Upcoming Shows London, UK The Czech Centre’s mission is to actively promote Czechia by showcasing Czech culture, innovations and creativity in the UK. Its programme covers visual and performing arts, film, literature, music, architecture, design and fashion, science and social innovations. As well as hosting its own events, the Czech Centre offers support for other groups ... Read more
Exterior view of 7 Stages Theater in Atlanta at dusk, featuring its illuminated marquee promoting a youth production titled "Sincerely, Courage." The surrounding area includes adjacent buildings and street elements like power lines and parked cars.

7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta

7 Stages Theater - Upcoming Shows Atlanta, GA 7 Stages Theater in Atlanta is a renowned performing arts venue known for its innovative and thought-provoking productions, focusing on social, political, and spiritual themes. Established in 1979, it has become a cornerstone of Atlanta's cultural scene, offering a diverse array of performances from local, national, and ... Read more
A large crowd gathered outside a theater with a marquee that reads "THEATRE". On the right, text says "can't get enough things to do? Head over to the OTL City Guides and check out national and local event calendars" with a "VISIT NOW" button.
What kind of information can I find on the US Theatre page?

The US Theatre page features the latest theatre news, new show announcements, and detailed listings of venues across the country, keeping you up-to-date with all things theatre.

How is the OTL Spotlight theatre and venue information different from OTL Seat Fillers?

OTL Spotlight's theatre and venue listings are publicly available and separate from OTL Seat Fillers and the comp tickets provided to local seat fillers. OTL Seat Fillers keeps its partner information private and never publicizes its affiliations so their regular ticket sales aren't impacted.

Can I purchase tickets for the shows listed on the US Theatre page?

While we provide detailed show and venue information, ticket purchases are handled directly through the respective theatres and venues, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date access.