About OTL Seat Fillers

OTL Seat Filling is more Fun than Awards Show Seat Filling!

Fun for Members - Beneficial for Venues and Promoters

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Seat Fillers Across the US & in London

You might have plenty of questions about OTL Seat Fillers. After all, "seat filling" isn't blowing up Google with search requests.


Even though OTL Seat Fillers have been around for more than seven years, the concept is a well-kept secret.


OTL can't promote the names of entertainment partners. But we can tell you that every time we talk about OTL face-to-face with someone new, the response is always "Wow, what a great idea!"

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Local Seat Fillers

OTL Seat Fillers aren't moving around filling seats at awards shows. Instead, OTL Seat Fillers get to attend the best in local entertainment. While theatre is one of the top tickets for OTL, members have enjoyed concerts, comedy shows, sports, burlesque, classes, conferences, lectures, book signings, escape rooms, virtual events, and much more!

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Benefits of Being an OTL Seat Filler

  • Very low all-inclusive membership dues
  • Fun to see what pops up
  • Never pay for tickets - Seat Fillers are always on the comp list
  • Treat your guest (two and four-seat plans)
  • Reserve in the OTL member area and check-in at the venue Box Office before showtime
  • OTL Seat Fillers don't move around - they enjoy the show

About OTL Seat Fillers for Promoters

Regardless of how amazing your show or event is, there are times when you have a few open seats or just want to introduce your venue to new patrons. That's where OTL comes in, as Seat Fillers LOVE all kinds of entertainment. They add to your audience, purchase concessions, and tend to return even without seat filler tickets. OTL is the free, private, and easy way to fill seats!

More About OTL Seat Fillers 

Use the handy links below to find out more. If you still have questions, shoot us an email and we're happy to help. 

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OTL Memberships

Locations and 2 and 4-seat OTL Seat Filler Options

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OTL for Event Marketers and Promoters

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