A vibrant and colorful collage of different types of festivals, including music, hot air balloon, food, comedy, and film festivals.
Claim your spot under the spotlight - it's free! Submit.
Claim your spot under the spotlight - it's free! Submit.
A large crowd gathered outside a theater with a marquee that reads "THEATRE". On the right, text says "can't get enough things to do? Head over to the OTL City Guides and check out national and local event calendars" with a "VISIT NOW" button.
What kind of information can I find on the Festivals page?

The Festivals page features the latest festival news, new event announcements, and detailed listings of various festivals, keeping you up-to-date with all things festivals.

How is the festival and event information on this page different from OTL Seat Fillers?

The festival and event listings and news on this page are publicly available and separate from OTL Seat Fillers. OTL Seat Fillers keeps its partner information private and never publicizes its affiliations.

Can I purchase tickets for the festivals listed on the Festivals page?

While we provide detailed event and venue information, ticket purchases are handled directly through the respective festival organizers and venues, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date access.