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How To Get On the 2023 OTL Seat Fillers Waitlist

Get In Line - The 2023 OTL Seat Fillers Waitlist is Open

Hey There! If you love the idea of free tickets when everyone else is paying for them, then you'll want to know how to get on the 2023 OTL Seat Fillers waitlist.

We’re happy you found this post – especially if you’re ready to get out more and enjoy some shows and events in person. That’s because OTL Seat Fillers is all about Things to Do, and we’ve just opened the waitlist for 2023.

The Scoop About a Spot On the Waitlist

OTL might be all about event tickets, but we don't sell them!

We're not a ticket broker. OTL is a membership club. And our members, also known as seat fillers, never pay for tickets.

When local venues have some open seats to fill, many promoters turn to OTL to fill them privately. Because it's a unique scenario, OTL needs to try to strike a balance between ticket opportunities and members.

  • Open spots depend on location and the average number of events in each area.
  • You might get an immediate invitation to join. Or it could take a bit.

OTL wants every member to have the absolute best experience and will keep you posted on the situation in your city.

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How Much Does It Cost To Be a Seat Filler?

Pricing is also city-specific. Locations that don't have as many shows as others are lower-priced.

London typically has events every month. But because the city is so spread out, dues are a crazy affordable £3.65 per month.

When a spot opens in your city, Mark or Kalem will send you different membership options, depending on whether you're looking for 2 or 4 tickets per event.

OTL Seat Fillers Memberships & Pricing

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Get On the 2023 OTL Seat Fillers Waitlist

You'll find all kinds of information on OTLSeatFillers.com.

If you think it sounds like fun, be sure to join the waitlist.

The wait is worth it to be a Super Secret Free Tickets VIP!

And, after all, 2023 is the Year of Things To Do. And you won't want to miss out on a single free ticket!