Seat Fillers Are Coming Back!

OTL Seat Fillers Are Coming Back and Are Ready for Secret Seat Filling Missions

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There's a Good Reason Why This Could be Your First Visit

While seat fillers are coming back, you might not have realized that they were ever in your area. That's because OTL has been a bit of a secret, and for a good reason.

You might have noticed that the video above is labeled as "be a secret seat filling VIP." It's not that OTL doesn't want to broadcast to the world about its top-notch entertainment partners, but it's not possible.

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Secret Seat Filling VIPs

Just like awards show seat fillers don't wear a big sign saying "I'm not a celebrity - I'm just pretending to be one," community seat fillers (such as through OTL), are on a secret mission to fill seats and enhance the atmosphere of the audience.

If the public knew that it was possible to get free tickets to a hot new comedy show, the opening night of a theatre performance, or a class, expo, festival, music event, etc., then more people would be less apt to buy them.

That's not what OTL Seat Fillers is all about, as we support the Arts & Entertainment Community.

Shows Pop Up Unexpectedly

OTL Seat Fillers know that they won't have something to do every day (or maybe even every week).

But when something pops up in the member area, the fun begins! OTL members get to reserve complimentary tickets and treat their friends (up to three guests, depending on the membership plan).

When ARE OTL Seat Fillers Coming Back?

While we'd love to share a definitive date with you about when seat fillers are coming back, we have to play it by ear.

It's more accurate to say that seat fillers have never gone away, though. Our members haven't paid dues during the pandemic, but we have been able to offer a few things here and there. We've had some virtual escape rooms, a dance party, and a few holiday events. But we expect that things will start to get rolling again sometime in the summer of 2021.

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How Can I Be a Seat Filler?

Ah, this is an answer that we can share. If you're interested in participating when seat fillers come back, you can do one of two things.

  1. Keep checking OTL Seat Fillers for updates
  2. Add your email to the private OTL mailing list and receive an update when registration is open again

Location, Location

We anticipate opening our busiest (aka Preferred) locations first. Preferred cities include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay. We've also got our eyes fixated on London, keeping in touch with our partners and working on new ones there. So, it should also be on the June/July 2021 timetable.

We've also got a few other plans in mind. While we don't send out too many emails, we will keep everyone updated who is interested in claiming some free tickets as a "Private Seat Fillers VIP!"

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