Secret Seat Filling for Events

Secret Seat Filling for Events

Why? Because It's 100% Effective

By Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides

Question: Do you promote events?

I’m referring to any public events like:

  • Plays and Musicals
  • Comedy Shows
  • Concerts
  • Ballet
  • Opera
  • Symphony
  • Sports
  • Festivals

The list goes on and on…

Whether you have events with assigned seats or open admission, you want a full house.

That’s why today’s event promoters are turning to something that’s super-simple, free, and takes just 5 minutes.

I’m referring to Secret Seat Filling for Events!

The What, Why, and How of Secret Event Seat Filling

It doesn't matter if you need 2, 22, or 42 seats filled, local seat filling is trendsetting event marketing that works!

What Is Secret Seat Filling?

It’s extending a private invitation to members of OTL Seat Fillers. Members are called seat fillers. However, they're different than award show seat fillers.

Instead of filling seats for others, OTL members fill seats - period.

Why Is Seat Filling Beneficial for Events, Shows, and Activities?

Seat fillers and their guests add to the audience, sitting (together) in locations you assign. However, they also buy food and beverages, pay for parking and merchandise, and recommend events to family and friends.

Event promoters add seat-filling attendees to their marketing lists for future events. And some OTL Seat Fillers have even fallen in love with the venue and signed up as volunteers.

So, Why Is It Called SECRET Seat Filling?

It's a secret for the benefit of YOU - the promoter. That's because OTL never promotes the names of its entertainment partners (even though we'd love to!). Because it's private, there's no impact on your regular ticket sales.

How Do I Get Started With Seat Filling?

Go to and submit your event information. You’ll let OTL know how many comps you want to secretly offer. Then, OTL compiles a reservation list, and seat fillers show up on the day of the event – just like everyone else.

OTL offers seat filling in the US and in London. Some locations are busier than others, though. Currently, the top seat-filling cities are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, London, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Orlando, Portland, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa.

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OTL Seat Filling



And Super Easy

More Benefits to OTL Seat Fillers

No money is exchanged.

No tickets are exchanged.

And, no one knows you’ve invited seat fillers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Seat Filling

Why would theatres invite seat fillers?

Empty seats don't do local theatres (or theaters) any good. Not only is the atmosphere not as good as it could be for the actors or the rest of the audience, but there are other benefits. Seat fillers are like everyone else in the venue. They pay for parking, buy cocktails or merchandise, and clap loudly. Seat fillers positively impact the bottom line.

Do theatre promoters pay for seat filling?

No. Theatres and other venues are considered partners of, and OTL does all it can to support them without impacting regular ticket sales. All promoters provide are complimentary admissions for the invited seat fillers.

Where is local theatre seat filling provided by OTL Seat Fillers available?

OTL Seat Fillers have 10 preferred (busiest) locations in the US as well as London (UK). The 10 cities are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay. Additionally, OTL has a level of seat filling called on-call, slowly extending the service to new markets that will eventually become preferred locations. Some of the best on-call cities include Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, Portland, Raleigh, and St. Louis.

How do theatre promoters or managers invite OTL Seat Fillers?

To become a new partner of OTL Seat Fillers, event promoters can use the event submission form on OTL never posts a show for seat fillers until all details are confirmed with the promoter first. More information is also available on the "Fill seats" page at