Seat Filling 101

Seat Filling 101 - A Two-Minute Course

You've got nothing to lose and audience members to gain!

You might not get college credit for it. But, if you're an event promoter (for theatre, comedy, music, sports, or special events), you'll want to view Seat Filling 101. That's because it's just two minutes, but it's valuable information

Local seat filling isn’t like awards show seat filling. Seat Fillers don’t show up to fill seats for someone else. Instead, they’re there to fill seats. Period.

You won’t need seat fillers every day. However, when you anticipate having some open spots, why leave them open? An empty seat can’t buy popcorn!

It's Time To Ace the Class - Here's Seat Filling 101

Zack from OTL Seat Fillers will take you through the process in just a minute and a half (not even two minutes). Then, you pass the class. There's no final exam - just real-life practice!

How Local Seat Filling Works

1. Use the event submission form on

2. You’ll let O-T-L know how many comp tickets you want to privately issue to seat fillers.

3. Mark or Kalem will confirm everything with you before posting the information for members.

4. Interested seat fillers make online reservations, and OTL sends “YOU” the Will-Call list on the day of the event.

5. Seat Fillers pick up their tickets at your venue by showing their ID. No one else knows they’re on the comp list!

Why Invite Seat Fillers?

OTL Seat Fillers fill open spots in the audience, buy food and drinks, which helps your bottom line, and they return to venues they love for future events.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Get started now. You’ve got nothing to lose and audience members to gain!

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More Benefits to Seat Filling Through OTL Seat Fillers

No money is exchanged.

No tickets are exchanged.

And no one knows you’ve invited seat fillers!

Seat Filling 101 Questions

What's the difference between awards show seat filling and OTL seat filling?

Awards show seat filling involves seat fillers temporarily filling seats for someone else. With OTL seat filling (aka local seat filling), seat fillers just fill seats - period. They're part of the audience - but they're on a secret mission, and no one knows that they're receiving comps.

Do theatre promoters pay for seat filling?

No. Theatres and other venues are considered partners of, and OTL does all it can to support them without impacting regular ticket sales. All promoters need to provide are complimentary admissions for the invited seat fillers.

What cities are covered by OTL seat-filling services?

OTL Seat Fillers is in the US and in London. Its top 10 US locations are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay. Additionally, OTL has a level of seat filling called on-call, slowly extending the service to new markets that will eventually become preferred locations. Some of the best on-call cities include Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, Portland, Raleigh, and St. Louis. And, OTL seat filling in London focuses on off-west end seat filling, like fringe theatres and comedy clubs.

How do event promoters use OTL's free seat-filling service?

To get started with private seat-filling through OTL, new partners can use the event submission form on OTL never posts a show for seat fillers until all details are confirmed with the promoter first. More information is also available on the site.

What are the benefits of seat-filling for shows and events?

As OTL says, "never leave an empty seat behind." An empty seat doesn't do anyone any good. A bigger audience is better for the performers and the atmosphere, and an empty seat can't buy popcorn. OTL Seat Filling provides a free, private, and easy way to fill those seats and seat fillers typically buy food and beverages, and tend to return to venues they love.