Some People Search For Seat Fillers Atlanta

But Most Don't Even Know They Exist!

Intro to Seat Fillers Atlanta

by Lu - OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

Before I continue, let me first share that I have nothing against the word “in.” But I’ve discovered that Google searches are abbreviated. So, seat fillers Atlanta yields results, whereas no one is looking for seat fillers in Atlanta. With so few people even aware that the concept exists, I want to ensure that OTL is found.

You probably don’t need me to tell you why there aren’t thousands of monthly searches for seat fillers Atlanta. I hope there will be one day soon. In the meantime, though, it’s a well-kept secret. But I’m about to tell you why that’s true.

So, here’s my “who, what, where, why, and how” list of all things Atlanta seat fillers.

Who Are the Seat Fillers in Atlanta?

If you’re searching seat fillers Atlanta, then you might already be aware of OTL Seat Fillers. OTL, aka On the List, has been the official seat filler club in Georgia for more than seven years.

We started with a dedicated OTL Atlanta website but now have combined all locations into Along with Austin and Denver, Atlanta is one of the top three cities for seat filling. OTL has more members and shows in Georgia than most other US locations.

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What Do OTL Members Receive?

So, I just mentioned shows in Georgia. But that doesn’t really provide you with much information now, does it?

Local seat fillers receive free pairs of tickets to all kinds of shows, events, and activities. Note that I used the word pairs. That’s because seat fillers get to bring at least one guest to everything they attend. There’s no going it alone or being forced into “buy one, get one” offers. Club members receive two to four complimentary tickets per show.

Where Do Atlanta Seat Fillers Go?

While they’re not heading to celebrity-filled award shows, OTL posts a fun variety of seat filling opportunities. So, seat fillers Atlanta are heading to theaters, comedy clubs, stadiums, and other entertainment venues.

Atlanta members have attended plays, musicals, small concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, and other one-off events. Pretty much anything goes as long as it’s a ticketed event and not a “free for everyone” event. It has to be something special to be offered to OTL Seat Fillers.

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Why Are Seat Fillers Atlanta Not Well-Known?

I started this post by talking about the lack of online searches for Atlanta seat fillers. And I mentioned that not a lot of people are aware of the local concept.

You might be wondering why, and there’s a simple answer.

OTL supports the arts and entertainment communities by privately offering complimentary pairs of tickets to seat fillers. However, only members know the specifics about shows and events.

That’s because OTL doesn’t publicize individual partners, venues, or specifics regarding Atlanta events. We’d love to post the long list on our homepage (or anywhere, for that matter). But that would impact the venues’ regular ticket sales.

Why Events and Shows Remain a Mystery

Let’s say an event promoter is inviting Atlanta seat fillers to a show that costs $50 per ticket, so a pair is a $100 value. Members pay around $10 a month for two tickets and sometimes attend more than one event during that time.

If you planned on going to the $50 admission show and knew you could get the same tickets (or even better) for $10 for two, you’d join OTL instead. That’s not what the club is all about, and that doesn’t help our entertainment partners.

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How Did They Become Seat Fillers?

OTL Atlanta members became seat fillers by joining the club. All they had to do was register, and in about five minutes, they have a login to the private member area. That spot is where OTL posts all available opportunities.

Now, I do want to say that our seat fillers in Atlanta love all kinds of live entertainment. They also know that OTL isn’t a ticket broker, and there won’t always be shows posted. Yes, they appreciate the opportunities to reserve comp tickets.  However, the fun of OTL is also seeing what pops up out of the blue.

How Can I Be a Seat Filler?

As long as you’re 18 or older, you can come aboard just like everyone else who’s a part of OTL.

Atlanta is one of OTL’s Preferred cities. So, you choose from the Preferred Premiere membership (two seats per show) or Preferred Grand membership (four seats per show). There’s also a Preferred Special, which is discounted for military, veterans, first responders, seniors, teachers, and college students.

OTL membership dues auto-renew, but there’s no commitment beyond your last payment. You can cancel at any time, and you’re not charged again. But, come on, now that you know about seat filling Atlanta-style, why wouldn’t you want to stick with it? It’s the most entertaining club around!

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Event Promoters: How You Can Invite Atlanta Seat Fillers?

I’ve been focusing on seat fillers in Atlanta from the event-goer perspective. But I thought I’d mention a few things for Georgia area event promoters.

You might have a preview or media performance, some unsold seats here and there, or you just might want to introduce some new patrons to your venue. It’s nice to know that you have some options.

Seat Filling in Atlanta

OTL has an entire event promoter section with all kinds of information and event submission forms. It’s a free service, and now you know that we don’t publicize the names of our partners. So, it never hurts to give it a try. Some of our members have even gone on to work or volunteer for a few of the venues that invited them. It’s really a win-win.