Seat Filling for Theatres

Is It Seat Filling for Theaters or Seat Filling for Theatres?

It Doesn't Matter - It Just Works!

By Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides

Do you have the occasional preview, media event, or performances where you have some open seats?

You know they don’t do the performers or the bottom line any good. So, let me ask you another question.

Are you promoting plays, musicals, or other shows and events in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Jacksonville, Nashville, Orlando, Portland, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, or in London, England?

Yes? Then, you’re in luck, as they’re some of the top cities for OTL Seat Fillers and its free seat filling service.

How Local Theatre Seat Filling Works

Seat Filling through OTL isn’t just free, though. It’s super easy and effective, and it won’t take more than five or 10 minutes of your time.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How OTL Seat Filling works for local theatres and event promoters:

  1. Decide how many seats you'd ideally like to fill.

    Let OTL know how many complimentary tickets you'd like to PRIVATELY offer to OTL Seat Fillers.

  2. OTL privately posts the opportunity for seat fillers.

    OTL builds a show posting for the members-only area, including a write-up about the event, dates, times, and dress code.

  3. Seat fillers reserve spots through OTL.

    Interested seat fillers make reservations for themselves and their guests in the member area - but ticket distribution is handled by the venues.

  4. A Will-Call List is created.

    Those reservations are compiled into a will-call list for event promoters or the box office and sent via email approximately 6 hours before show time (but OTL can send earlier if needed).

  5. Ticket pick-up.

    Just before showtime, seat fillers check in to pick up tickets or receive their seating assignments. They don't present coupons or anything other than their ID (like everyone else at the Will-Call window).

  6. Aside from filling seats, Seat fillers make a positive contribution to the performance.

    Seat Fillers are just like every other audience member. They clap loudly, buy food, beverages, or merchandise, pay for parking, and can provide their email address to you for future marketing efforts.

OTL seat fillers, OTL City Guides

Benefits of Seat Filling for Plays and Musicals

You can already see some of the benefits of partnering with OTL Seat Fillers. But here are a few you might have missed.

Local Seat Filling for Theatres

Private – no one knows that seat fillers are invited or receiving comp tickets.

Easy – you issue a number of comp tickets, and OTL takes reservations. You handle ticket distribution, though. No tickets or money is ever exchanged between you and OTL.

Adds to your “day of event” income – seat fillers buy drinks, snacks, merchandise, etc. just like other audience members.

Introduces new patrons to your top-notch show - you can ask seat fillers to sign-in upon arrival and add to your marketing list for future events.

Is more of a last-minute marketing tactic – the more time you give OTL to fill a list, the better the results. But some partners wait until 48 or 72 hours prior to the event to extend the invitation.

Is Free – your only investment is the complimentary tickets you provide. Seat Filling through OTL Seat Fillers is a free service.

OTL Seat Filling



And Super Easy

More Benefits to OTL Seat Fillers

No money is exchanged.

No tickets are exchanged.

And, no one knows you’ve invited seat fillers!

Where is Seat Filling for Theatres Available?

OTL Seat Fillers is in London and expanding across the US. Some markets, called "Preferred" locations, are busier than others.

OTL Preferred Locations








San Francisco


South Florida

Tampa Bay

On-Call Locations

OTL On-Call Locations cover the rest of the US. But, some on-call locations are also busier than others.




Portland (OR)


St. Louis

How To Get Started with Seat Filling?

There's nothing too serious going on with seat filling for theatres. We make it super easy to partner with OTL and add to your next performance. To get started, all you have to do is use the submission form on Then, after all of your information is on file, you can simply send an email update for future shows. It'll take you less than five minutes!

OTL is a family-run club that supports local arts & entertainment. So, get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Seat Filling for Theatres

Why would theatres invite seat fillers?

Empty seats don't do local theatres (or theaters) any good. Not only is the atmosphere not as good as it could be for the actors or the rest of the audience, but there are other benefits. Seat fillers are like everyone else in the venue. They pay for parking, buy cocktails or merchandise, and clap loudly. Seat fillers positively impact the bottom line.

Do theatre promoters pay for seat filling?

No. Theatres and other venues are considered partners of, and OTL does all it can to support them without impacting regular ticket sales. All promoters provide are the complimentary admissions for the invited seat fillers.

Where is local theatre seat filling provided by OTL Seat Fillers available?

OTL Seat Fillers have 10 preferred (busiest) locations in the US as well as London (UK). The 10 cities are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay. Additionally, OTL has a level of seat filling called on-call, slowly extending the service to new markets that will eventually become preferred locations. Some of the best on-call cities include Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, Portland, Raleigh, and St. Louis.

How do theatre promoters or managers invite OTL Seat Fillers?

To become a new partner of OTL Seat Fillers, event promoters can use the event submission form on OTL never posts a show for seat fillers until all details are confirmed with the promoter first. More information is also available on the "Fill seats" page at