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The Seat Fillers Near You Get Freebies!

The Seat Fillers of the 21st Century Go Well Beyond Awards Shows and the Confines of NYC and LA!

Free Tickets and Fun Events for the Seat Fillers Near You

by Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

Did you know that free tickets are possible near you, as seat filling now falls into three types of categories?

You might not have realized that seat filling was a thing outside of awards shows like the Emmys, Oscars, BAFTAS, or Grammys. And, if you’re star-struck, being a temporary replacement for celebrities is a dream come true.

I’ll get more into awards shows opportunities in a minute, as it’s more like a job than a social event. However, the seat fillers near you, across the United States and in London, get to attend really fun shows and events - and enjoy them!

the seat filler movie, The Seat Filler 2004

The Seat Filler - 2004

Did you catch the 2004 film, The Seat Filler, starring Kelly Rowland and Duane Martin?

It’s the story of a romance between a singer and a seat filler who caught her eye at an awards show. If you’ve fantasized about that happening to you, that might be enough to prompt you to sign up and buy a ticket to LA.

Could the fairytale come true?

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Seats for Awards Shows

The seat fillers in the first category are for awards shows. There was a time when they used to be in demand when it more like a secret mission than out in the open. But now, thousands of people are vying for the limited number of one-night-only jobs.

How Does it Work?

The purpose of this first type of seat filler is to occupy a spot for a celebrity when they get up to receive or present an award or are just leaving the audience for a bit. Producers like TV audiences to see a full house and not an empty chair. So, the seat filler for an award show defines the title.

It’s not a situation where awards show seat fillers get paid, even though it’s a job. These days, they're paying for the privilege of getting booted from their seat over and over again.

Grammys 2020, 2020 Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards Attracted 30,000 Applicants

In March 2020, one award show hopeful paid over $7,000 to travel to Los Angeles from the UK for a shot at seeing the Grammys up close and personal. But 29,999 others also were vying for spots given to just 650 lucky fans.

I still think it would be amazing to rub elbows with the biggest names in TV, music, or movies, but it's not an easy job to get.

Pros and Cons of Award Show Seat Fillers


  • Rub elbows with celebrities
  • Catch some of the show from the best seats in the house


  • It’s a tough gig to get
  • You could show up at the door and then turned away
  • You’re not enjoying the show – you move around from place to place and aren’t always in the audience
  • Go it alone – you’re not sitting with a friend
Las Vegas, Vegas

The Seat Fillers in Entertainment Hubs

The next type of seat filling covers those who live in entertainment hubs, like Las Vegas and New York City. They might be the most fortunate of all, as they get the best of all worlds.

Participants get to take advantage of free tickets to long-running shows. They’re not tasked with filling seats for someone else. Instead, they’re simply filling seats.

For example, the Las Vegas strip is lined with mega-resorts, each hosting an average of four or five shows that could run for several years. Except for various nights when performances are dark, the casinos look for every spot occupied night after night, month after month. So, a service like PlugInVegas is ideal.

Best Seat Fillers Club in Las Vegas

Las Vegas seat fillers are in a membership club (like OTL Seat Fillers). Members pay a low monthly price for the opportunity to get hold of some of the hot tickets on and off the Vegas strip.

It’s a similar situation in New York City, more for off-Broadway than Broadway. But you get the gist. These are long-running shows that are bound to have some empty seats from time to time.

Pros and Cons of Seat Fillers in Entertainment Hubs


  • These types of seat fillers typically have quite a few opportunities to claim free tickets each week
  • Bring at least one guest (who also gets a free ticket)
  • It’s not a job – there’s no moving around – just enjoying the show
  • Very affordable – seat fillers are paying a monthly price for membership, but all tickets are comped


  • Some opportunities are very last-minute; they could pop up on the same day without advance notice
local seat fillers, the seat fillers near you, the seat fillers in the US, the seat fillers in London

Local Seat Fillers

The third category is the one that I know best. I’ll call it local seat filling or community seat filling.

These types of seat fillers belong to the OTL Seat Fillers club or a sister club, like SeatStir.

Across the US and London

While I’m primarily discussing free ticket opportunities across the US, OTL Seat Fillers has a London location as well and is looking to expand into Canada later in 2021.

Local seat filling is available to everyone, but most of the tickets are in major markets, like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. OTL has 11 premiere locations with plenty of established partners. Plus, an on-call option with the occasional opportunity virtually or in other areas.

Things to Do Near You

Local club members also enjoy the performances. But community seat fillers attend local shows and events that aren’t long-running, so there are fewer opportunities. Unlike Las Vegas or NYC with shows that can run for years, there are more one-off performances. There might be a play that runs for a week or a comedian in town for one night.

You’ll find that local seat filling is exceptionally affordable, with a big bang for the buck. Monthly dues are about as much as the price of one movie ticket and are all-inclusive, covering guests as well. Just like the seat fillers in entertainment hubs, participants don’t pay for their tickets, and they’re not responsible for anything other than showing up and enjoying the show.

Pros and Cons of Local Seat Fillers


  • Available across the US and in London
  • Very affordable
  • All-inclusive – including free tickets for guests as well
  • Introduces seat fillers to all kinds of events and entertainment they might not have known about before
  • Diverse opportunities – sports, lectures, plays, music, comedy, burlesque, parties, conventions, museums, escape rooms, virtual events, etc.
  • No commitment – participate for as long (or as short) as you want
  • Easy – make online reservations and then pick tickets up at the box office on the night of the event


  • No long-running shows like in Vegas or NYC

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Local Seat Fillers in Balt/DC, Clv, Mn, Phil, Pitts, NYC/NJ: SeatStir

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