The Secret Behind How To Get Free Seat Filler Tickets

Free Seat Filler Tickets!

By: Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides

Did you arrive at this blog post by searching “free seat filler tickets”? Then, good for you! You are one of a small number of entertainment goers in the US and UK who actually know that free show tickets are possible.

Most people associate seat filling with awards shows, and there’s even the 2004 Seat Filler movie dedicated to the concept. Others know about free seat filler tickets in entertainment hotspots like New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. But for more than seven years, OTL (aka On the List) has introduced a new local seat fillers concept across the US and London.

Local seat filling is possible courtesy of community shows, events, and activities. You don’t need to be a massive Broadway or West End Theatre to benefit from new patrons. Small 50-seat theatres, comedy clubs, or other venues need full houses, too. That’s where OTL comes in, with an innovative membership club that’s a win-win on both sides.

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What Types of Complimentary Seat Filler Tickets Are Available?

I’ve already mentioned venues like theatres and comedy clubs, and that’s because plays, musicals, and comedy shows are the top three for free seat filler tickets. But, over the years, OTL has partnered with an incredibly long list of event promoters and marketers who have privately provided tickets and free admission.

The one thing you’ll want to note if you’re interested in being a seat filler is that there’s no definitive answer to what you’ll be able to attend. This is where local seat filling really veers in a different direction from awards shows.

Playing Things by Ear

Awards show seat filling is on the calendar. It's a planned event, whether it’s the Academy Awards, Grammys, Emmys, BAFTAs, or another star-studded extravaganza.

Nothing’s a sure thing for local seat fillers. The premise provides confidential assistance to shows, events, activities, and services when needed. So, OTL partners play it by ear and then extend the seat filling invitation only when it makes sense for their business model.

Honestly, that’s part of the fun of the local seat filler concept. One day, there could be nothing posted in the member’s area. Then, the next, you’re surprised by free seat filler tickets to a hot ticket that could be worth 20, 50, or even 100 each.

So, what kind of free seat filler tickets have been available in the past?

Plays, musicals, comedy shows, sports, music, festivals, virtual events, burlesque, movies, dance, museums, conferences, classes, escape rooms, ballet, lectures, book signings, the list goes on, with more than 2,000 opportunities in the US and UK in the past five years.

Why Would Shows and Events Invite Seat Fillers?

Giving away free seat filler tickets to a show or free admission to a festival, museum, escape room, or other activity might not seem like a wise business move. But it’s actually a valuable marketing strategy.

I’ve coined the term private marketing to describe the concept because it’s the opposite of traditional public-facing advertising. Private marketing through OTL allows its partners to do more than fill actual seats.

Shows, events, activities, and services that privately extend invites to seat fillers get introduced to new patrons who walk right through the door. There’s no fuzziness with this type of marketing. They might collect seat fillers’ email addresses for future marketing programs. But they also benefit from residual income.

Extra Ticket-less Income

Think about it. If you were given a pair of free movie tickets, wouldn’t you buy popcorn and drinks? Or, if you’re at the theatre, don’t you order a cocktail at intermission, buy a t-shirt, or pay for parking?

Free seat filler tickets are a huge benefit to OTL members, so they’re more apt to spend money on food, beverages, or merchandise.

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How To Get Free Seat Filler Tickets for Your Family and Friends

Did you catch that I reference a pair of free tickets for seat fillers?

I did that intentionally, as local seat fillers receive free admission to all kinds of fun things to do. But it’s not just an “admit one” scenario. Instead, OTL members pay low membership dues for either seat filling for two or seat filling for four.

How cool is that to be able to treat your family and friends?

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Get "On The List (OTL)" for Seat Filler Tickets

You came to the right place if you’re curious about how to get free seat filler tickets. It doesn’t matter if you live in Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, London, England, or another metro area in the US. If you’re interested in free seat filler tickets, they’re on the table.

To participate in the fun of seeing what pops up and being able to reserve tickets to things you’re interested in, all you have to do is join the club.

Pick Up Tickets at the Venues

As an OTL seat filler member, you access a private member’s area. You can look through the current postings and make a reservation if you want to attend something in your area.

Your reservation puts you on the will-call list. Then, all you do is pick up tickets at the box office right before the show or follow other instructions on your reservation confirmation. You don’t print coupons or pay any fees. Instead, just flash your ID when you check in. It’s easy, upscale, and soooo much fun!

Ready to get in on the super-secret free seat filler tickets? Check out OTL’s membership options and get started. There’s no commitment. You can cancel anytime. But I don’t think you’ll want to!

Don't Miss Anything

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How to Get Free Seat Filler Tickets

it's secret, easy, and incredibly fun! Here's how to get free seat filler tickets.

  1. Join the OTL Seat Fillers Membership Club

    OTL Seat Fillers has been around for eight years, offering preferred, on-call, and London seat filling. You can join if you live in the US or in the greater London (UK) area.

  2. Check into your private member-only area

    Seat Filling tickets come and go quickly, so members are encouraged to check in often and monitor their email for show alerts and updates.

  3. Make an online reservation

    When there's a show, event, or activity in your area that you're excited to attend, make an online reservation right from your private member area.

  4. Don't forget to include a ticket for your guest

    Seat filling members of the OTL Seat Fillers club choose either a two or four-seat membership, so complimentary guest tickets are included.

  5. Review the reservation confirmation

    After making a reservation, you'll receive an email confirmation with pertinent information, like ticket pick-up location and time.

  6. Head to the venue a bit early

    All free seat filler tickets are distributed by the venue or organization providing them. There's no need to make a special trip, though, as seat fillers check-in, according to the time listed on the reservation confirmation, just before showtime.

  7. Present an ID

    To pick up those awesome pairs of free seat filler tickets, you present your ID at the venue and your complimentary admission awaits. Note: The OTL Seat Filler member must pick up the tickets and attend. OTL members can't just give their seats away.

  8. Mum's the word

    When picking up free tickets and attending the event, seat fillers can't talk about their secret seat filling mission. Other audience members are paying for their tickets, and don't need to know about your VIP access!