Top 10 Ways to Get Free Tickets to Shows, Events, & More

Free Tickets to Shows, Events, and More - US & UK

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By Lu, OTL Seat Fillers & City Guides

Complimentary Shows, Events, Movies, and More…  Are they really possible?

As free admission is in our wheelhouse at OTL Seat Fillers, we wanted to share the top 10 ways to get free tickets in the US and UK.

Top 10 Free Ticket Resources

1. Military and Veteran Tickets

You’ve probably come across all kinds of military discounts. But did you know there are websites dedicated to providing free event and movie tickets?

In the US, you can visit Vet Tix.

In the UK, there’s Tickets for Troops.

2. Casino Showrooms

You don’t have to live in Las Vegas to visit a casino. They’re everywhere these days.

While the main attraction is gambling, entertainment is also on the table. To take advantage of entertainment perks, stop by the player’s club counter and sign up for a card.

Use it whenever you bet, and you should start seeing some offers in your mailbox. Casinos love to provide enticements – and that includes free admission to shows.

This tip isn’t as good in England. However, The Hippodrome in London hosts live entertainment.

3. Movie Tickets

If you love going to the movies, an easy way to rack up some free admissions is by joining a cinema’s movie club. You might have to pay a monthly membership fee. But it’s pretty darn low and provides you with a bunch of benefits.

You can get food discounts, special invitations, and yes, you’ll typically get at least one free ticket a month and can earn points for more.

4. Spread Your Email Around

When you’re interested in specific events in your area, we recommend adding your name to the venue’s email list. You never know what types of offers will come your way.

We’re not saying that you’re going to get free tix to Lady Gaga or Kendrick Lamar. But community theaters, comedy clubs, nightclubs, and other venues might have some special events they need to fill.

Another way to connect with venues is to follow them on social media. It’s their go-to for preview announcements, ticket deals, and maybe even free admission.

5. Go Old School with Radio

Believe it or not, radio stations are still a thing. We’re so used to streaming that we forget we can tune in to the morning dee jays in our area. And, yes, they’re still giving away freebies.

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6. Sweepstakes and Contest Websites

In addition to radio station giveaways, take a few minutes each week and enter some contests. It’s quick and easy, as there are sites consolidating current sweepstakes and giveaways.

In the UK, one you can try is Competition Database.

In the US, Contest Bee is a good one.

7. Free Tickets to Screenings -

This free ticket tip won’t apply to everyone. But if you live in, or visit, Los Angeles, you’ll want to check out It’s a fun hookup to all kinds of screenings and LA-type of backstage events.

8. Read Your Newsletter

Another tip is to embrace any affiliation you’re a part of – employment at a large company, teacher’s union, business club, etc. These types of organizations are sometimes offered free tickets they pass on to their members. So, when the next newsletter hits your inbox, read it before you delete it.

9. Set up a Google Alert

If you’re looking for free tickets, put Google to work. Set up a Google Alert for free tickets, free admission, complimentary tickets, and ticket contests, and let more ideas come to YOU.

10. Be a Local Seat Filler

We might be biased. But we still think the best way to claim free tickets is to be a local seat filler member in the US or UK through Not only do YOU get free admission to theatre, music, comedy, and more, but your guest does, as well.

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Life is More Entertaining with Free Tickets for Fun Things to Do

Regardless of how you get hold of free tickets or you find some incredible ticket discounts, get out and have fun. You deserve it, and it’s healthy to unplug every so often!

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