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Boston Seat Fillers are Free Ticket VIPs


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Seat Fillers in Boston and Throughout New England

By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers


If you live in New England, you'll probably be excited to find out that seat fillers (and free tickets) are near you! 


So, I'm here to share information about "non-award show seat filling," and why it's even more fun to be a seat filler in Boston than spending five minutes keeping a chair warm in LA.




Who Are These Seat Fillers in Boston?

If you're new to seat filling in the Boston area, then you probably wonder how it came to be and who gets to be a seat filler. After all, award shows are typically held in Los Angeles and, sometimes in New York City.


Well, before I even get to the "who," I want to share a little 10-second elevator speech with you. It should help clarify some of the mystery surrounding today's seat filling concept and answer the first question.


A Free Ticket Club in Boston

While award show seat fillers are still keeping celebrity chairs warm, there's a new concept. Today's local seat fillers belong to clubs like OTL, SeatStir, and PlugIn Vegas. They're not rubbing elbows with stars, but they don't mind.


Seat Fillers in Boston don't fill seats for someone else. They fill them, period. Instead of award shows, club members get to decide what to attend and reserve pairs of tickets accordingly. It's not only fun to see what pops up out of the blue but to receive free admission. Boston seat fillers never pay for anything more than membership dues.


So, the "who" are members of OTL Seat Fillers.

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What Do OTL Members (aka Seat Fillers) Receive?

I just answered this particular question already in my introductory "elevator speech," but it bears repeating.


OTL Seat Fillers receive free pairs of tickets to shows, events, and activities in the Boston and greater New England area. As a member of the club, comp ticket privileges extend to other OTL locations as well. For example, if a Boston member is in Chicago for the week, they can check in to see if any Chicago area events are posted.


Benefits of OTL Seat Fillers in Boston

Pay low membership dues (in the $10-$15 range per month)


Dues cover pairs of tickets (not just one) with two and four-seat plans


Treat your guests – you’ll sit together


Upscale ticket distribution – no coupons or papers to print (just show your ID at the Will Call window)


Membership discounts for military, first responders, seniors, teachers, and college students

Where Do They Go?

Boston seat fillers don't just head to one destination. OTL partners with the arts and entertainment community, including various theaters, show venues, comedy clubs, and other destinations.


All tickets are reserved in the OTL member area. However, they're picked up right before showtime at the venue's box office (or other designated spot).


Seats aren't even required for seat filling opportunities. Over the years, members have been invited to classes, lectures, book signings, festivals, parties, conferences, escape rooms, and other local activities.

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Why Haven't I Heard About Boston Seat Fillers Before?

This is a common question we're asked whether we're talking about Boston, San Francisco, London, or any of the cities covered by OTL.


It’s a Secret

Most people know about award show seat fillers. But they have no idea that there's a different type of seat filling, and it's everywhere – including Boston. And, there are two reasons why it's such a well-kept secret.


  1. The only thing that OTL can promote is the seat filling concept in general. The club has a strict "privacy to shows" policy prohibiting OTL from sharing the names of its entertainment partners. So, we can't advertise that seat fillers can go to "this show" or "that show." If we did that, regular ticket sales would be impacted, and that's not the club's purpose. We privately support the arts and entertainment community.


  1. If you don't know that seat fillers are in Boston, you don't search for Boston seat fillers.


Things are changing, though. After all, you’re reading this, and you now know that Boston seat filling is a thing.

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How Can I Receive Free Tickets, Too?

Now that you know that secret seat fillers are occupying very entertaining seats in the Boston area, you might be excited to do the same.


I don’t have a long-winded answer for you. If you want to receive free seat filling tickets, all you have to do is join OTL Seat Fillers. Pick a plan, set up your username and password, and you’ve got 24/7 access to the member area.


To be a Boston Seat Filler (or not?)

There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

  • Seat filling isn’t for everyone. You won’t attend the biggest events that sell out, as OTL members are privately invited when promoters anticipate open seats


  • OTL isn’t a ticket broker. Shows aren’t always available, as it depends on the needs of our partners. Part of the fun is seeing what pops up from time to time and then having the opportunity to reserve 100% free tickets to shows and events. But if you’re impatient or looking for specific shows, then it’s not for you.


  • Seat filler memberships auto-renew but you can cancel anytime, and you won’t be charged again.


  • Members of OTL pay membership dues but nothing more. All tickets are 100% complimentary to seat fillers and their guests, while the general public could be paying $10, $20, even $50 per ticket (or more!).
Boston events

Event Marketing in Boston

While I’ve focused primarily on the fun of seat filling, I thought I’d throw in a bit of info for event promoters in New England.


If you haven’t been partnering with OTL, I want to tell you why you might want to, at least sometimes.


The BEST Audience Members

Boston seat fillers love to get out to all kinds of live entertainment and activities. They know the rules and don’t talk about receiving free tickets while they’re at the venue. Plus, OTL members are awesome audience members, too! Not only do they fill in spots in the audience where needed, but they purchase concessions and merchandise. It’s a win-win all around.


Partnering with OTL Seat Fillers is Super Easy

  1. You let OTL know how many tickets or spots you want to offer.
  2. OTL posts the show write-up in the private member area.
  3. Members make reservations.
  4. OTL sends You the will-call list.
  5. You distribute the tickets.


No money or tickets are ever exchanged. Easy peasy!


A New Way to Sell Tickets, Too!

By the way, OTL has also partnered with ticketing giant, Evvnt on OTL City Guides – Boston Tickets. It’s another free service (yes, another one!) that’s a “Box Office in a Virtual Box.”


You build your web page in just a few minutes, and a full-service ticketing system powers it. Promote the URL or create a QR code for your marketing, and you’ve got everything you need to be successful.


SELL tickets

SEND tickets via text or email, and

SCAN them on-site using the Evvnt app


We’re covering Boston events from all angles!


An Entertaining Triple Threat

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