What is the OTL On-Call Seat Fillers Membership?

OTL On-Call Seat Fillers Membership

For US residents who don't reside in a "Preferred" seat filling location (listed below)

On-Call seat fillers will only be invited to the occasional local event but can reserve seat filler tickets in any location - great for frequent travelers!

Benefits of Becoming an On-Call Seat Filler

  • Lower-priced ($3.65 a month!)
  • Two and four-seat options
  • Can reserve free tickets in any city
  • The super-low price locks in for at least a year after a location upgrades to "Preferred" status.

For example, let's say you live in Nashville and pay $3.65 a month for a two-seat, all-inclusive plan. You'll probably see the occasional event pop up once every few months. But then, Nashville takes off with plenty of events and members, later becoming a "Preferred" location. Even after that status change, you stay at $3.65 a month for at least a year.

OTL will monitor On-Call member locations and specifically seek out new entertainment partners and members in those areas, with the goal of every location eventually switching from on-call to preferred.

Some of the Best OTL On-Call Cities

Charlotte * Nashville * Orlando * Portland * Raleigh * Seattle * St. Louis

On-Call Exceptions and Recommendations

OTL Preferred Locations (Not eligible for on-call membership) - Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, London, San Francisco, South Florida, Tampa Bay

Las Vegas - offered by PluginVegas

Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC - offered by SeatStir

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Frequently Asked Questions About OTL Seat Fillers On-Call

What is OTL Seat Fillers On-Call?

OTL Seat Fillers On-Call is a discounted membership for anyone in the US who doesn't reside in an OTL "Preferred" location. On-Call members have fewer local ticket opportunities, so they pay much lower dues. After an On-Call city has the proper balance of members and shows, it moves from "On-Call" to "Preferred."

How Much Do OTL On-Call Seat Fillers Pay?

OTL's On-Call Seat Fillers pay $3.65 a month for a two-ticket plan or $5.55 a month for a four-ticket option.

Are On-Call Seat Fillers Limited to Shows in Their Home City?

No. OTL Seat Fillers have seat-filling privileges when they travel as well. So, for example, if an On-Call member lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee but frequently travels to Atlanta, Georgia (a Preferred location), they can reserve free tickets to Atlanta shows posted in the private member area.

If I'm an OTL On-Call Seat Filler and My Hometown Switches to Preferred Status, Do I Have to Pay More?

Yes and No. After OTL switches a city from on-call to preferred, current members will have plenty more shows and events to attend, but their dues won't change for at least a year. It's one of the perks of being patient with on-call participation.