What is the OTL On-Call Seat Fillers Membership?

OTL On-Call Seat Fillers Membership

OTL Seat Fillers On-Call is a lower-priced membership for US residents who don't live in Preferred cities (with a few exceptions noted below). There will be fewer local opportunities. But, On-Call Seat Fillers can take advantage of virtual events, national opportunities as well as tickets in other cities.

OTL will monitor On-Call member locations and specifically seek out new entertainment partners in those areas.

Note: One of the best benefits of On-Call membership is the super-low price locks in for at least a year after a location upgrades to "Preferred" status.

For example, let's say you live in Nashville and pay $3.65 a month for a two-seat, all-inclusive plan. Then, Nashville takes off with plenty of events and members, later becoming a "Preferred" location. Even after that status change, you stay at $3.65 a month for at least a year.

Some of the Best OTL On-Call Cities to Date

Charlotte     *     Jacksonville     *     Nashville

Portland     *     Raleigh     *     St. Louis

On-Call Seat Fillers pay $3.65 monthly.

A 4-ticket option is also available.

On-Call Exceptions and Recommendations

PluginVegas - Las Vegas

SeatStir - Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC

OTL Preferred Locations - Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, London, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, Tampa Bay

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