Fun Things to Do for Seat fillers

Provided by On the List (OTL) Seat Filler Clubs

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eGifts You Can Buy In Your Pajamas

The Best Holiday eGifts You Can Buy In Your Pajamas! by Mary Lou OTL Seat Fillers Be creative, shake things up, and give a UNIQUE eGift this year!   No need for your pants, here. You can grab your laptop and order away. It's no longer necessary to settle for a last...

5 Amazing Benefits Of Becoming A Seat Filler

Five Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Seat Filler Member! by OTL Guest Blogger Tired of asking.. “What should we do this weekend? Can we go somewhere? What do you want to do tonight?”   Annoyed by hearing.. “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. I want to get out of the...

OTL Seat Filling is a Curtain Call for Couch Potatoes!

Theater, Comedy, Music… The On the List (OTL) Seat Filler Clubs are for active, interested, lively people of all ages from 21 to 101, who truly enjoy attending new and different events, and experiencing what their local arts and entertainment communities have to offer.